Cagayan State University- Fee Structure for MBBS

Cagayan State University


Transforming lives by educating for the best

The basic vision of the University is to make the Cagayan State University as a catalyst of change in improving the lives of individuals and communities by educating for the best. The one-liner vision succinctly captures the profound meaning and ultimate purpose of the collective efforts and educational directions of the university.


Cagayan State University is committed to transform the lives of people and communities through high quality instruction and innovative research, development, production and extension.

The Cagayan State University, a credible and distinguished center of higher education in Northern Luzon, is committed to improve the lives of people and communities by providing advanced instruction in the arts, agriculture, and natural sciences as well as in technological and professional fields through its strong quality of instruction and innovations in research, resource mobilization and extension. CSU contributes primarily to President Aquino’s Social Contract to the Filipino people by providing quality education and training through instruction, research, extension and production.

Core Values

The Cagayan State University vision and mission are ably supported by six (6) core values which constitute a formidable base to guide and support the CSU administration in the operation of all its programs and projects. The core values are captured in the Taglish acronym, PA-CARE.

  • Productivity – Cagayan State University is committed to developing its human and non-human resources to sustain its operations and realize its mandates.
  • Accessibility – Cagayan State University is committed to intellectualizing the youth by allowing them a greater access to higher education.
  • Compassion – Cagayan State University is committed to alleviating or reducing the poverty incidence of the communities through advance higher education, innovative researches and responsive extension and training programs.
  • Accountability – Cagayan State University is committed to building competent professionals, leaders, scholars, researchers and entrepreneurs responsible in building just, peaceful, stable and progressive communities.
  • Relevance – Cagayan State University is committed to nurturing the youth by providing meaningful education.
  • Excellence – Cagayan State University is committed to offering quality teaching and resources to enable its students to succeed.


1st Year6 months2nd Year3rd Year4th Year5th Year
TUITION FEE /YEAR2100 USD1,300 USD2000 USD2000 USD2000 USD2000 USD
Accomodation + Visa 2,500USD
TOTAL IN US DOLLARS/ YEAR4,600 USD2,000 USD2,000 USD2,000USD2,000 USD2,000USD
TOTAL IN INR/Y(APPROX.)2,76,000 RS1,20,000 RS1,20,000 RS1,20,000 RS1,20,000 RS1,20,000 RS