Crimea State Medical University Russia Fee structure | Admission 2018-19

Crimea State Medical University

Cimea State Medical Unversity is a very popular medical university in Russia.Moreover Crimea state medical university is also very popular in India and every year lots of Indian students are going for Study MBBS in Crimea State Medical University Russia. As well as history of the Crimea State Medical University backpedals to the start of the 21st century: in 1918 it was restorative staff of Taurida University. In 1931 it isolated and turned into a self-ruling unit – Crimea Medical Institute. Since 1995 the higher school has been named to pay tribute to Sergey Ivanovich Georgievsky (minister of the foundation in 1951-1970).

In 1998 the higher school turned into a college with the fourth (most elevated) accreditation level. During these time the therapeutic school has been a middle for scholarly and professional restorative instruction and therapeutic science in the Crimea in the meantime offering specific meeting in the ways General Medicine and Pharmacy.

Today it is a breakthrough instructive organization overhauling itself to stay informed concerning worldwide patterns in restorative training and research, building up its scholarly potential and giving best pros to therapeutic administrations. The University has dependably been taking a stab at brilliance in instructing and research.

To upgrade the nature of instruction the back to back model of medicinal training has been made at the University: the preliminary division, preliminary courses and therapeutic lyceum; 5 resources to prepare specialists and a workforce of post-recognition instruction.


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The Crimea State Medical University is one of the oldest medical universities in Crimea. The excellence in teaching at CSMU has been recognized by General Medical Council, Medical Council of India (MCI), UNESCO, WHO and International Educational Society (London). In 2006 IES has certified the University and awarded AA category of “Top Institution that is internationally known and recognized”. Crimea State Medical University was the first medical higher school in Crimea to pass such an international certification.

Education System

The Crimea state medical university has elaborated a holistic approach as to the organizational, scientific and methodological aspects of the educational process. The clinical departments are provided with all the necessary equipment and demonstration aids: educational films, moulages, phantoms, diagnostic inventory – everything has been done for the educational process to meet the modern requirements. It is particularly important nowadays when the University has actively started the transformation of educational process according to the Bologna system.

About 4.7 thousand students study at Crimea State Medical University named after S. I. Georgievsky, including 1.7 thousand foreign citizens from 40 countries of the world.

Since 1999 English is the language of instruction, which makes Crimea State Medical University attractive for foreign citizens coming here to study. For the constant development of cooperation with foreign countries and high quality of education the University was awarded the title of laureate in the rating of Ukrainian higher schools “Sofia Kievskaya – 2004”.

  • Students are divided in group of 7-14 students’ batch, so each student get equal attention.
  • In bologna system, before starting any topic, practical is done. And the interaction with the patient shall explain the disease well, than rest is done with the theory class,
  • After completing each topic, exam will be held for that topic and grade will be given in the register,

Medium Of Study:

Medium is in English medium only.


There are 2 Semesters in the academic year:

  • Autumn Semester — From September to January
  • Spring Semester — From February to June.


Marking Method for Students

Russian universities use a traditional 5-point scale:

  • “5” = “excellent”
  • “4” = “good”
  • “3” = “acceptable”
  • “2” = “unacceptable”

“5”, “4”, “3” can be described as “Satisfactory”, “2” – as “Fail”. Students who get a failing grade of “2”, have two more chances to pass an examination. Since 2006 (and even earlier in some universities), university students are graded on a rating scale of 0 to 100. These grades can be transformed to the 5-point scale approximately as follows (this system may vary a little from university to university and may change from time to time):

  • from 91 to 100 means “5”
  • from 71 to 90 means “4”
  • from 51 to 70 means “3”
  • from 0 to 50 means “2”

Crimea State Medical University

Crimea State Medical University

Crimea State Medical University

Crimea State Medical University- Hostel

Crimea State Medical University has 5 lodgings all are multi story structures, arranged in college grounds just with completely outfitted rooms, very investigation condition. For the comfort of the students, they can pick their flat mates; they can remain together on the off chance that they have a place with same city in the event that they need.

They can change the room in the event that they required .There are a few convenience choices for universal students and it is imperative to consider whether you favor a free way of life or appreciate living in a group.

All in rooms are outfitted and differ in size and number of accommodations. Residence rooms at inn can oblige 2 or 3 students in a room.

All rooms are furnished with bed, bedding, cushion, cover, work area, seat, Almira, warming, water framework and appropriate lighting for both investigation and unwinding. There are normal regions where students can play and blend. Upon the students entry on grounds, particular facilities are allocated and after an acceptable wellbeing report the students will be obliged to the room, which is dispensed to him. Off grounds lodging can be acquired in close-by condos. Accessible lofts and houses are outfitted, and differ in size, cost and number of accommodations.


The Crimea State Medical University has a separate kitchen provided for students to cook food to their own taste. Students will need to supply their own kitchen utensils. Meals may be bought from various food outlets.
All types of vegetables, grains, pulses and fruits are available all around the year Indian cooks are generally Panjabi and south Indian They prepare delicious dishes every day,
Mess managed by Indians only, so all care are taken to provide best foods. Students can feel like home made dishes.


  1. In class 12 Board Examination: Candidates should have passed in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English individually and obtained minimum 50% (40% for SC/ST/OBC) in PCB with Practical.
  2. Be Minimum 17 years of age as on December 31 of the year of admission:

» Admission is on first – come – first basis, which is the norm in Europe. » If Class 12 results are NOT DECLARED, student can apply for Admission and s/he will be issued Admission letter – with the provision that they will satisfy the eligibility norms given above and then they will be admitted to the program. There is No Entrance Examination. Admission is on a “Rolling” or “First come First admit basis” – this is the norm in Russia. Applications are accepted till seats are available. Those who apply EARLY stand the best chance of admission.

crimea state medical university

crimea state medical university

crimea state medical university

Crimea State Medical University Fee Structure

MBBS/MD Program1st Year2nd Year3rd Year4th Year5th Year6th Year
College Fee + Other fees4500 $3500 $3500 $3500 $3500 $3500 $
Hostel fee/ Year600 $600 $600 $600 $600 $600 $
Medical Insurance:150 $150 $150 $150 $150 $150 $
Total in USD5250 $4250 $4250 $4250 $4250 $4250 $
  • Above Structure, includes Tuition Fee, Basic Hostel Fee and Medical Insurance.
  • Air ticket will actual basis.
  • Mess is not compulsory. Rate: 120$/ month
  • Admission charges extra