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European university Tbilisi, Georgia

european university georgia

European University Georgia- Based on the philosophy of helping humans to relieve of the pain, European Teaching University Faculty of Medicine pursues teaching and research in a way that is necessary for the community, patients and medical sciences.

The Faculty has acclaimed international recognition for its continuous investment in human capital, modern medical and information infrastructure and students services.

Based on the long traditions of Georgian medical research and teaching, the Faculty of Medicine was founded in 2003 and received full accreditation by the National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement of Georgia in 2010

European university Georgia

European university Georgia

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European university Georgia


European University with its diverse students services, teaching quality and practice oriented delivery serves both Georgian and international student communities. We try to help the future doctors of Medicine to acquire theoretical and practical skill through continuous assistance from our professors and staff, academic and community programs, well-equipped laboratories, innovative teaching services and growing international partnership initiatives.

All prospective students of Medical Doctor’s (MD) and Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) programs must apply through the Office of Administration.

According to Georgian regulations,foreign citizens who conform to the following can enrol in the programs of European University without passing Georgian National Examinations (compulsory for Georgian citizens).

Medical Doctor’s (MD) educational program

Preconditions to enrollment in a single-step Medical Doctor’s (MD) educational program (without National examinations):

Applicants must be Foreign citizens and stateless persons who have received secondary or     equivalent education in a foreign country;
Applicants must be individuals who currently study / have studied in a foreign country and   have received credits at an academic institution recognized under the laws of that country.
Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD)

Preconditions to enrollment in a single-step Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) educational program (without National examinations):

Persons that are identified in the Article 52 Paragraph 3 of the Georgian  Law of Higher Education:

A) Foreign citizens and stateless persons who have received general secondary or equivalent education in a foreign country;
B) Georgian citizens who acquired general secondary education in a foreign country or have studied the last two years of general secondary education abroad;
C) students who have studied  in a foreign country for at last 2 years at a higher education institution recognised by the legal regulations of the country concerned.

European university Georgia

European university Georgia

European university Georgia

European university Georgia Fee structure

MD/MBBS1st Year Fee2nd Year Fee3rd Year Fee4th Year Fee5th Year Fee
Tuition Fee5000 $4500 $4500 $4500 $4500 $
Hostel Fee600 $600 $600 $600 $600 $
Total in USD5600 $5100 $5100 $5100 $5100 $
Total in INR360,080 ₹327,930 ₹327,930 ₹327,930 ₹327,930 ₹


  • Exchange Rate for conversion : 1 USD $ = 64.30 ₹
  • Medical checkup , Medical insurance and visa Extension is excluded.
  • Food expenses $100-150 per month.