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Kazakh Medical University of Continuing Education

The Kazakh Medical University of continuous Education was based in August 1963, once the Russia Council of Ministers determined to work out the Almaty State Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education (ASIPME). By the Decree of the govt. . of the Republic of Kazakh in could 2014, the Institute was reorganised and renamed the Kazakh Medical University of continuous Education. For over 0.5 a century, KazMUCE has been the coordinative center within the Republic of Kazakh for the postgraduate coaching of the extremely qualified specialists and also the continual skilled development of health care personnel for sensible public health, bioscience and education.

The pride of the university is that the school , also because the extremely qualified specialists. Among them there are the laureates of the State Prize, Honoured Scientists of the Republic of Kazakh, Honoured Doctors of the Republic of Kazakh, members of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakh and foreign countries, and chief external consultants of the Ministry of Public Health. Over 2 hundred academics have gotten numerous educational degrees, sixty five of them are Doctors of sciences, 132 are Candidates of sciences and fifty five workers have gotten an instructional Master’s degree. the varsity employees conducts the therapeutic and consultatory clinical activities and provides the consultations for the foremost severe patients throughout the country.
KazMUCE is that the first medical university in Kazakh wherever the innovative model of medical education and also the development of the medical services quality through telemedicine – the ECHO project has been introduced. This project is being complete in additional than fifteen countries of the world . For implementing this project, KazMUCE organized the coaching Center for clinical work and advanced coaching of medical personnel through tele-communication technologies.