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When it comes to medical studies, Indian students can prefer MBBS in Belarus. Pursuing a medical degree from a foreign country is an excellent option for Indian pharmaceutical enthusiasts. And pursuing MBBS in Belarus has come up as a considerable solution. Every Indian student who seeks a future in medical science certainly knows the competitiveness in this field in our country. Although there are numerous medical universities in India with high educational excellence, the process of admission is quite tough. Students require high scores in NEET to get admission in the top medical institutions. Hard work and arduous preparation can definitely lead to this but the probability is extremely low. This is because of the high number of applicants and soaring competition.

But, there is no reason to be worried about. Many foreign universities that offer a degree in medical science are recognized by the MCI (Medical Council of India). Hence, these act as alternatives to Indian institutions. As mentioned above, MBBS from Belarus can be fruitful to the Indian students. Low-cost education, WHO approval, and high-quality learning are some of the reasons to choose a college in Belarus. Also, the top colleges in Belarus have MCI accreditations.


The Indian students who are already studying in Belarus have always praised the place. Cost of studying MBBS in Belarus is much lower than Indian medical colleges. Also, the universities in Belarus do not compromise with the quality of education. Moreover, Indian students receive very rich cultural exposure there. They get chances to participate in various sports and cultural activities from time to time. In addition to these, every medical institution there ensures the safety and well-being of international students. The eligibility criteria for admission in medical universities in Belarus is also pretty easy.

Apart from college life, Belarus is a very peaceful place. The country has a small population density and less number of illegal activities. These things make it a favourable place to reside and study for the Indian candidates.


  • Most of the medical universities in Belarus are approved and recognised by the MCI and WHO.
  • The cost of education and accommodation in Belarus is affordable in comparison to that in India.
  • Not every European country has English as its medium of teaching. But, the language medium for teaching in Belarus is English.
  • The admission process for medical universities in Belarus is quite easy without the compulsion of qualifying any exam.
  • One of the most important things to consider is that the MBBS degree from Belarus universities is acknowledged globally.
  • MBBS colleges in Belarus do not require any sort of donation for admission.
  • There are hospitals and medical establishments with advanced equipment to facilitate top-notch training to the students.
  • The college campuses are student-friendly and ragging free.
  • On completion of MBBS from Belarus, Indian students can also practice in India after clearing the MCI screening test.
  • Apart from high-end education, Indian students also get international exposure there.


There are no major disadvantages of pursuing MBBS from Belarus as such. However, there are some mere drawbacks.

  • The local languages of Belarus are Belarusian and Russian. Hence, foreign students find it a bit difficult to interact with the locals.
  • Belarus’ climatic conditions are unalike India. Thus, the Indian students might find it inconvenient at times.
  • Just like other European countries, students cannot get their hands on dead bodies during training or internship period.
  • Majority of students who study abroad might feel homesick at times. Though it does not seem to be a disadvantage, it can often cause uneasiness.
  • Two locations cannot be similar on this globe. There are certain diseases which are region-specific. A few of the diseases in India are not observed in Belarus. Hence, Indian students have to go beyond the curriculum to become competent in curing the same.
  • An uncommon thing that an individual would experience in Belarus is the prohibition on the working of International students together. The international students are forbidden to work together in a full-time job and part-time too.

The advantages of pursuing MBBS from Belarus overweigh the disadvantages which are just mere. Hence, an Indian applicant can go through the particulars in detail before considering a university in Belarus.

List of MCI Approved Medical Universities in Georgia

UniversityGomel State Medical University
Location Gomel, Belarus
RankingWorld Rank – 5681
Country Rank – 18
EligibilityMinimum 50% in 12th, With NEET
MIC Passing %9.46%
Tuition Fee in USD3500 USD
UniversityVitebsk State Medical University
LocationVitebsk, Belarus
RankingWorld Rank – 3928
Country Rank – 8
EligibilityMinimum 50% in 12th, With NEET
MIC Passing %5.74%
Tuition Fee in USD4600 USD

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The admission for MBBS in Belarus starts in March of every year. And the last date to apply is 31st August of the same year. The academic session of almost all medical colleges of Belarus starts in September. Hence, the applicants must apply at least 3 months prior to the course commencement.

If the students want to know the exact dates, they can go through the university’s website they wish to select. All the applicants must make inquiries about the college they have chosen before applying for the same. We will help not only help you with the complete information but also keep you in contact with the university.


Every Indian medical aspirant must be aware of NEET and the importance it holds. NEET stands for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. The MCI (Medical Council of India) is the body responsible for conducting NEET every year. Hence, it becomes mandatory to qualify NEET for admission in MCI approved colleges. All the students seeking admission in leading medical colleges in India as well as abroad must qualify NEET. Thus, to pursue MBBS in Belarus, clearing NEET is compulsory. After completion of the course, the graduates can practice in India after clearing the MCI screening test. This is common for all the individuals and there is no scope in India’s medical sector without MCI approval.



Do MBBS colleges in Belarus have MCI and WHO approval?

All the top medical colleges in Belarus have the approval of MCI and WHO.

What is the total duration of MBBS in Belarus?

The complete duration for MBBS in Belarus is 6 years including internship.

Does the degree from Belarus have recognition in India?

Yes, an MBBS degree from Belarus holds global recognition. Hence, it is recognised in India too.

Can we practice in India after studying MBBS from Belarus?

Every medical graduate from a foreign university can practice medical science in India after clearing the MCI screening test.

Is NEET mandatory for pursuing MBBS from Belarus?

NEET qualification is compulsory for pursuing MBBS from any foreign country.

Is it necessary to clear the MCI screening test after MBBS abroad?

If you wish to practice medicine in India then it is mandatory to clear the MCI screening test.

Are Indian students safe in Belarus?

Belarus is completely safe for Indian students. Even the universities there assures the safety and well-being of international students.