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Medical Universities in China

List of Medical Universities in China

Universities1st Year2nd-6th Year CostFull Package ( INR )PCB (in 12th)
Guangxi Medical University41000 RMB41000 RMB246000 RMB
Guangzhou Medical University36000 RMB36000 RMB216000 RMB
China Medicai University47500 RMB47500 RMB285000 RMB80%
Shandong University52000 RMB52000 RMB312000 RMB70%
Dalian Medical University53000 RMB53000 RMB318000 RMB60%
Zhengzhou Medical University40500 RMB40500 RMB243000 RMB60%
Xuzhou Medical University36600 RMB36600 RMB219600 RMB80%
Anhui Medical University34000 RMB34000 RMB204000 RMB60%
Fujian Medical University39000 RMB39000 RMB234000 RMB
Jilin State Medical University38000 RMB38000 RMB228000 RMB70%
Kunming Medical University39000 RMB39000 RMB234000 RMB70%
Qingdao Medical University38000 RMB38000 RMB228000 RMB70%
Capital Medical University53000 RMB53000 RMB318000 RMB65%
Ningbo Medical University34000 RMB34000 RMB204000 RMB65%
Ningxia Medical University34800 RMB34800 RMB208800 RMB
North Sichuan Medical University38000 RMB38000 RMB228000 RMB60%
Note: Exchange Rate (USD 1 = 70 INR)


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