Test Preparation FMGE

Test Preparation FMGE

Every Indian medical student who has earned an MBBS degree from a foreign country knows the importance of FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) quite well. The difficulty level of this exam is increasing year after year. The students have to grind hard to clear FMGE and achieve what they desire. There are certain key points that the students should keep in mind while preparing for FMGE to increase their qualification chances.

5 Tips for FMGE Preparation

1. Try mock tests

The best way to know the pattern of any examination is to try mock papers of that specific test. It also helps the candidate to analyse the type of questions they would encounter. In addition to this, completing the mock test paper within a time limit would help in the enhancement of the candidate's efficiency.

2. Revision

Constant revision of the subject matter helps to keep hold of the knowledge gained. It also helps the candidate to recall all that they have studied. As the syllabus of FMGE is huge, continual revision is very essential.

3. Be thorough with the syllabus

It is very important for the candidate to be thorough with the syllabus. Skipping tough topics is never an option. The candidate should try to strengthen their weaker links by spending more time on them. It is a common mindset to work only on the strong part and leave the tough portion. The candidate should realise that even the tough section carries an ample amount of marks.

4. Avoid too many references

Referring to too many study materials will lead you to a confused state of mind. There are many reference materials which offer a short-cut way to clear FMGE. You should always stay away from those. Utilization of your limited study materials to your benefit will definitely give you fruitful results.

5. Try to make notes

Making notes of every topic will not only help you with revision but also provide you with a quick reference when you need it. This will also help you to memorize the matter for a long time.