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In the past, most of the people didn't consider aviation as a sector for career development. Only a handful of them used to go for their career enhancement in the field of aviation. Earlier, there were not enough provisions for studying and developing in this domain. Students and graduates from any field would jump into aviation.

With the incredible advancement in the aviation sector, job opportunities have increased exponentially in India. But, these posts require individuals with good knowledge and excellent analytical skills. There are institutes in India which offer aviation courses to the students but the level of training required is not up to the mark. Also, the number of good institutions does not match the population. Only a few are able to get into those colleges and the rest remain disappointed.

Whether it be aviation management, maintenance or other professions in this field, there are countries which have excelled tremendously. No one can deny that though India is developing at a free fast rate in the field of aeronautics and aviation, there are several countries which have already achieved a lot in this sector. Countries like America, Japan, Russia and France are the top players in this game.


  • Studying in a developed educational environment will help the students to expose themselves to each and every aspect of the subject.
  • They can even work in the country they have procured education from.
  • Different countries are known for different specialisations. Students can choose from them according to their preference.
  • It is not mandatory for individuals to indulge themselves only in job roles. They can also go for several research programs which are also common in these countries.
  • If the candidates manage to earn a degree from these universities, they will undoubtedly overshadow many others.

Countries to consider:  The United Kingdom, Spain, the Philippines, Netherlands, China and Japan are the leading countries in the field of aviation of aeronautics. Other countries like Germany, Switzerland, Italy, United Arab Emirates, etc. have also developed a lot in this field.