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MBBS in China

Every MBBS student's dreams of getting admission in the best government college in India, but everyone's dreams do not turns into reality because of fewer seats and a large number of students competing for the seats, so the students consider studying MBBS in Abroad. China is the popular destinations for Indian students to pursue MBBS. China offer very low fees compared to India.The universities in China are world class and have a high quality medical education.

Chinese university is recognized by all developed countries, so this makes it an ideal place for Indian students to studies MBBS in China. MBBS in China degrees issued by the universities is endorsed by WHO, UNESCO, MCI and much other medical recognition over the world enabling students to work anywhere in China, India and many different nations. Most of the China medical universities the fee starts from 2.5 lacs. There are so many MCI approved medical universities, so it is easy for students to choose to study MBBS in China. MBBS in China review shows 95% positive aspect that makes China the most popular destination to study MBBS.

Quick Facts About MBBS in China

Country China
Capital Beijing
Currency Renminbi
National Language Mandarin
Course Name MD/MBBS
Course Duration 6 Years
Eligibility 50 % in PCBE, NEET Qualified
Medium of Introduction English, Bilingual course in some colleges
Recognition MCI, WHO & FAIMER


    China is the neighbor country of India. It is located in East Asia; China is the world's second-largest state by land area. Beijing is the capital of China. At present, China is one of the fastest-growing economies of the world in terms of GDP and Purchasing Power Parity. China is the recognized country for nuclear weapons and has the world's largest standing army and second-largest defense budget.

    Chinese people are very welcoming and of warm nature. China is investing more and more in education ever year. They are facilitating the research budget and increasing the scholarship budget. They are increasing facilities in the universities and inviting more foreigners to come for the study. Chinese medical universities are well recognized in the world and China has more than 20 universities in top 1000 medical universities in the world.


    China has reached to a great international level in Medical Education. The medical universities in China offer high-quality education with very lower cost as compared to other foreign countries. Government Education Ministry of China has taken positive prelude to make their teaching system of International Standard.

    Here are some points of why to study MBBS in China:

  • If the students graduates from Chinese medical universities are eligible to attend national medical screening tests like MCI, PLAB, SCHS, HPCSA, PMDC, USMLE etc.
  • Around 49 approved medical colleges which come directly under the supervision of the Chinese Government.
  • The cost of the complete MBBS course in China is much affordable as compared to other countries.
  • China universities do not demand any kind of donation for MBBS course.
  • No entrance test is required for MBBS course.
  • The MBBS degrees from China are acknowledged by WHO and UNESCO.
  • The medium of instruction is English.
  • China has so many medical universities and approx. all universities offer choices of subjects.
  • Students can gain much valued International exposure in their medical career.
  • Cost of living is also low in china.
  • Transport service is good in China for International aspirants and they enjoy almost 50% discount on public transport.
  • The education system in China gives importance to practical and theoretical aspects of learning.


  • No entrance test required to take admission in Chinese medical universities, the admission are done by the 12th class marks with PCB.
  • Chinese medical universities do not take any types of donation for admission.
  • Chinese medical universities have world class infrastructure.
  • China has a good weather condition and In South China the weather is similar to India.
  • Chinese Government funded MCI approved Chinese medical universities, so the tuition is very low.
  • Most of the Chinese medical degrees are recognized by WHO, UNESCO, MCI and some other council in the world.
  • Chinese medical universities have well-maintained colleges and accommodation.
  • Transport service is best in China and it gives almost 50% discounts on public transport for International students.
  • Cost of living in China is similar to India.
  • The hospitals are well maintained with best infrastructure and technology.


  • In your internship program, you are not allowed to touch the patients. You can only observe.
  • You should have to learn Chinese to interact better with the patients during the internship program in hospitals.
  • Medical council of India approved more than 35% C Grade Chinese medical universities in the MCI list, so students have to take care and choose the right university for MBBS course.
  • The internship training is given on dummies, so it is quite difficult for students to practice on dead bodies.


  • Minimum age should be 17 years and maximum 25 years on 31st
  • Minimum 60% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB) in 12thstandard
  • Aspirants must be qualified NEET-UG

There are few highly reputed medical universities in China requires 75% marks in the higher secondary examination. Students are shortlisted on the basis of 12th marks and early receipt of admission.


The course duration in China for MBBS is a 5 years course and 1 year for internship training. Indian students have advantage that after completion of the 5 years MBBS course and 1 year internship then there is no need to do internship in India because internship from China is valid in India. Students can also have an option that they can skip internship training in China and can do internship in India. But students keep in mind that MCI screening test is compulsory.


Most of the Chinese medical universities are provide English medium of teaching which is good for the Indian and other international students.

Climate and Safety

China is a huge country, and has a variety of temperature and rainfall zones. Winter is freezing cold and dry in the north, while its mild in south and in summer is hot and rainy everywhere. The rainiest part of the country is the south-east and the least rainy is the north-west.


China is a safe and non-violent country. There are no specific difficulties for the local and International students.


The cost of living in China is much lower than other countries. The hostels of medical universities in China are most impressive, high standard and reliable atmosphere for the students. Approx. all the medical universities of China have all the necessary facilities. The utilities like electricity, water, internet etc. are also available at hostels for the convenience of the students. Almost all the universities have separate hostels for girls and boys.


In the campus there is a large network of CCTV cameras. There is also a police  security, warden and guard provided at the universities hostel campus. You will be provided a 24 hour emergency telephone number. Keep your student ID with you all the time, it is an important form of identification.


China is much less expensive in food and there are lot of options for grocery shopping. Indian students don't have to worry about foods because the universities have their own mess, where they provide a variety of cuisines. You can find so many Indian foods.


The admission process for MBBS in China is going to be very easy and smooth if you choose Bissav Educational council. The students just make certain that all their documents are submitted us. After that they have to wait for a month and we will get guaranteed admission to study MBBS in China. You just be careful for the timing of the application.

The date for applying for MBBS admission: April-August

Here we are giving you the step wise process for get admission in MBBS in China:

Step 1: fill the online form at our website at and make an initial documents and registration fee of (25,000 only) in online. Send your original marksheet of 10th, 11th, and 12th, and the certificate of the 12th scholar and a copy of the passport at our office.

Step 2: When the step 1 is complete, you will get your admission letter within 2 to 5 working days of your application. Now send your original passport and your medical fitness certificate, HIV report and 6 photographs to our head office after that the invitation process will now be started.

Step 3: Next step will begin when you deposit your second instalment processing fee. When you deposit the processing fee, your visa will be issued as soon as possible within 7 to 12 working days of the embassy working days and process.

Step 4: Now you have your student visa in your hand, invitation letter and admission letter by the university. Now you are ready to travel to the university that you always wanted for MBBS degree. Very soon we will disclose you that when the other group of students will fly from Delhi to your goal destination. We will inform you about the date regarding your flight.

Step 5: You have to deposit your remaining processing fees before 7 days of your flight to the destination. Our team member will go with you to the university and stay with you until your classes will start.

Now you are the student of China Medical University. And now the time has finally come to you after months of planning, preparing and anxiously awaiting; you're finally starting your journey of China. Just keep in your mind, everything is possible - all you have to do is believe in yourself. Bissav team wishes you all the best for your successful future and good luck.


To apply for your China student visa, you need to visit the Chinese embassy or to contact us. The documents that you need to submit along with your China student visa application forms are varies from country to country or authorized visa centre before submitting your visa application.

You will need the following documents:

  • Passport or ID, valid for at least 6 months remaining expiration from the date of your issue date of your visa and with at least two blank pages, plus a photocopy of the front page.
  • Two recent passport-sized photograph (3.5*4.5cm)
  • Your official letter of invitation from the GUVM ( it must be the original document, not a copy)
  • Medical certificate less than three months old showing that you are clear of HIV report (AIDS). Aspirants may be asked to present their certificate in both Chinese and your own language and include your passport details, information on the duration of the stay in China, details of the HIV test (date, medication series, and official stamp of the clinic or hospital that carried out the test, doctor’s signature and your own signature).
  • Application form can be filling up online but you must be printed out so you can submit a hardcopy to the embassy, consulate or visa centre.
  • If you are under 18 years old, you must also have an agreement document signed by your parents or legal guardians which has also been certified by a notary.

The visa processing time is usually 7-10 working days.


  • Insurance, Medical check-up, Visa Ext. per year.
  • Limited seat for International students.
  • Admission is on the basis of first come first service.
  • There is no one time or semi package in China.
  • We suggest you to deposit their tuition fees yearly and only in university accounts.
  • Students should have good English proficiency.
  • Students should have NEET pass scoring.


There is a lot of scope for Indian students in China because of the best teaching methods and the good infrastructure. China is one of the prime locations to study MBBS for Indian students. The first reason is the availability of a massive number of medical colleges for Indian students. Chinese medical universities give the Indian students, the practical and theoretical approach that is beneficial for their studies. For Indian students the medium of instruction is English so they can easily understand. The students who complete their MBBS from Chinese medical universities are doing well and some are settled in abroad and some have returned back to India to begin their practice.

There are many scholarships are available for Indian students, like CGS, CLGS, US etc. Almost all medical universities in China allocate a specific number of seats for the International students, and some of the medical university offer 100 to 400 students per year. And for Indian students, all the MCI approved university offer 100 seats. So admissions are made on the basis of first come first serve. That's the reason MBBS in China for Indian students got easy admission with minimum qualifying marks.


There are so many options for the Indian students after completing their MBBS from China. There are many choices, they can study further, they can pursue their postgraduate course from China or Germany, and it is depend on their choice. Indian students can come back to India and can begin their practice after giving MCI screening test. China medical universities are WHO, MCI approved, so it is easy to get a job at a new place. After completion of MBBS course from China, a successful future awaits you. The degrees of English medium MBBS program awarded by Chinese medical universities are very useful for you to gaining employment in a wide variety of countries.


There are so many consultants in India who provide Admission in China medical university. But we advise you to take admission through the consultants who authorised directly by the Chinese Universities. BISSAV Overseas Education is the organisation that directly authorized by the Chinese Medical Universities.

  • BISSAV has presence all over in India with offices located in Patna, Ranchi, Lucknow, and Delhi.
  • A lot of students & parents come to our office for admission in China medical university.
  • Each and every year we are sending so many students in top medical colleges’ for admission in China at their choice.
  • Studying MBBS in China is one of the big decisions for the students and parents, to choosing a best consultant who help them to choose the best colleges in China and solve all their queries, So BISSAV is here to offering you the right information and world-class benefits.
  • Our motto is to shaping your dream career, so when it comes to helping you with the best universities in China which hold the potential of fulfilling your dreams, we provide the best possible support to students.
  • Our transparency policies and honest services make us a best consultant of medical admission guidance for China in India.

We know very well that how much it is important for you to choose the best medical university in China, so we always want to do our best and give our full support to the parents and students.

We do for our clients are:

University Selection

Bissav Overseas Education help you to determine which university is best for you, we give you budget-friendly option. We provide the full information of the university. Nothing is hide with you.

Free Counselling

Bissav Overseas Education gives your personal guidance to choose courses that perfectly fits your career and personal goals.

Documentation Assistance

Bissav Overseas Education provides complete passport assistance, Education loan and details of legalization documents for the students.

Financial Aid

Bissav also guide you that how to manage your finance, be it loan or your own money. Our experts will guide you when, where and how to get funds settled in a convenient, on time and cost-effective way.

Application Process

Our dedicated experts are organizing all the application requirements for MBBS programs conducted by different universities in China. All you need to do is to contact us and the process will be smoothly concluded.

Pre-Departure Briefing

The pre-departure briefing is done for the student's convenience. Bissav MBBS consultants China make sure that the students should know what to do, where to go and whom to contact once they are in China.

Post Arrival Assistance

We take care of our students even after they have landed in China. We are always available to assist our valuable students throughout their studies.

One-to One Service

We give one-to-one personal guidance service to every student thereby clearing all his doubts related to MBBS in China.


There are many scholarships available for MBBS course in China. First is the China Medical University (CMU) for international students’ scholarship. The second is the Taiwan Scholarship. This scholarship is sponsored by the government. To know more about the scholarship application information then checks at the Taiwan Embassy website. Other organizations also offer scholarships based on your academic report, Indian students can apply one of the following scholarships:

  • Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS)
  • Confucius Local Government Scholarship (CLGS)
  • University Scholarship (US)
  • BUTEX Scholarship


Bissav Overseas Education is the most trustworthy MBBS Abroad Consultancy in all over India like Patna (Bihar), Ranchi (Jharkhand), Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh), and Delhi. We provide you the most trustable medical universities admission in a very low cost in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Belarus, Philippines, Tajikistan, Nepal and Central America. We provide you the best support and guidance to the students for MBBS in Abroad to achieve their goals and become a successful doctor. Our only aim is to providing quality steering to students. United Nations Agency will study abroad; we have so many students study in various foreign medical universities. Today, we have a tendency to area unit the leaders in academic practice and represent all leading universities in USA, UK, Canada, and Ireland, European nation, Russia, China, Asian country and Singapore, as one of the number one study abroad advisor.

There are so many reasons that make us one of the most trusts worthy study abroad consultants.

  • Our clients’ get the complete solution to your MBBS admission needs in international medical universities under single roof.
  • To solve all your queries and doubts related to study in abroad and support you as a family member.
  • We will provide you with reliable and authentic study notes and FMGE test series to ensure that student get success in the test.
  • Also give you the university selection guidance that helps you to choose cost-effective and top universities in China.
  • Help you with the documents and Visa application process like stamping from Embassy & Ministry along with translating academics notarisation of documents. And get zero rejection of Visa issuance.
  • We will make your travel arrangements.
  • Our team will also guide you on education loan option in India.
  • And help you in getting Visa renewal or temporary cards.
  • Our executive member receives you at the airport on your arrival.


1.What is the total duration of MBBS course in China?

The total duration course in China is 6 years including 1 year internship program. But you have a choice you can complete your 5 years MBBS course and then either you do internship from India or from China. If you do your internship from China then no need to do internship from India because internship in China is valid in India.

2.What is the degree recognition in China?

Almost all the China medical universities are recognized by WHO & MCI

3.How students can exchange money in China?

You can bring money with you in the form of cash or traveller’s checks. In banks ATM machines are available, and cash advances can also be drawn over the counter at most of the large banks for a transaction charge. Most of the hotels and restaurants and stores are now accept credit cards. If the students enrolling for longer courses then they can open a bank account through the local bank and transfer funds from accounts in their own country.

4.Can I work in China after completing my MBBS?

Yes, you can be a doctor in Chinese hospitals but you have to deal with two matters and the first is: you have to pass the medical licence examination in china and second are to be good at communicating in Chinese language.

5.If I do my internship outside of China, then do I have to pay for it?

Yes, you have to pay the administration fee and it is the cost for keeping your name on the college roll and the supervising by the Chinese teacher. Every university has its own requirements on the internship, so the students have to complete all the necessary things even though student does the internship outside of China, and the teacher of China will work on it by contacting weekly through phone or email.

6.Is MBBS course in China expensive?

No, MBBS from medical universities in China is too low cost if  you compared to studying MBBS in India at any private medical colleges.

7.Without qualify NEET, can I take admission in China?

No, you cannot take admission in China without qualified NEET.

8.Can I practice in India after completing MBBS in China?

Yes, you can practice in India but you have to clearing the Screening test then you are eligible for registration as a doctor and allowed to practice.

9.Can I do MD/MS, Post-Graduation from China?

Yes, after successful completion of MBBS, you can pursue MD/MS or PG in China. And in case of India, you have to clear MCI Screening test, after clearing MCI Screening test you are entitled for permanent medical registration, after this you can apply for PG course in India.

10.How many students from India studying in China medical universities?

At present, there are almost 25,000 Indian students are studying in China medical universities and almost 40% are girl students.

11.Will Bissav Overseas Education guide me and support me till my journey to become a Doctor?

Yes, Bissav team always guide you and support you in all the possible way till your journey to become a Doctor. Our motto is to fulfil your dreams to be a doctor and our only expectations are from you that you should give your full effort on your study. We are always there with you to help you in all possible respects.