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List of Medical Universities


Universities In RussiaTuition fees/ YearHostel Fees/ YearTotal in 6 Year ( USD )Total in 6 Year ( INR )Get More Information
Crimea State Medical University3500 USD750 USD21000 USD1,470,000Read More>>
Ulyanovsk State Medical University4000 USD700 USD28200 USD1,974,000Read More>>
Kazan Federal University6500 USDIncluded USD39000 USD2,730,000Read More>>
Altai State Medical University4000 USD750 USD28500 USD1,995,000Read More>>
Kazan State Medical University5283 USD600-1000 USD31698 USD2,218,860Read More>>
Northern State Medical University5000 USD500 USD33000 USD2,310,000Read More>>
Kuban State Medical University4700 USD400 USD28,200 USD1,974,000Read More>>
Orel State Medical University3800 USD400 USD25200 USD1,764,000Read More>>
Perm State Medical University5500 USDIncluded33000 USD2,310,000Read More>>
Siberian State Medical University4000 USD750 USD28500 USD1,995,000Read More>>
Bashkir State Medical University5000 USD400 USD32400 USD2,268,000Read More>>
Mari State Medical University3400 USD300 USD20,400 USD1,428,000Read More>>


Universities in UkraineTuition fees/ YearHostel Fees/ YearToatl in 6 Year ( USD )Total in 6 Year ( INR )Get More Information
Kharkiv-National Medical University4800 USD600-1400 USD32400 USD2,268,000Read More>>
V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University4500 USD800-1200 USD31800 USD2,226,000Read More>>
Vinnitsa National Medical University5000 USD500-800 USD33000 USD2,310,000Read More>>
Lviv National Medical University4900 USD600-900 USD330002,310,000Read More>>
Odessa State Medical University4550 USD1000 USD33300 USD2,331,000Read More>>
Ternopil State Medical University4300 USD500-800 USD28800 USD2,016,000Read More>>
Uzhgorod National University3800 USD850 USD26100 USD1,827,000Read More>>
Kyiv Medical University3500 USD1000 USD27000 USD1,890,000Read More>>
Zaporozhye State Medical University4500 USD500-800 USD30000 USD2,100,000Read More>>
Bogomolets National Medical University5500 USDIncluded330002,310,000Read More>>
Sumy State Medical University4000 USD800 USD28800 USD2,016,000Read More>>


Universities in KazakhstanTuition fees/ YearHostel Fees/ YearToatl in 5 Year ( USD )Total in 5 Year ( INR )Get More Information
Kazakh National Medical University5100 USD300 USD27000 USD1,890,000Read More>>
Astana Medical University3700 USD700 USD22000 USD1,540,000Read More>>
South Kazakhstan Medical Academy3600 USD600 USD210001,470,000Read More>>
Karaganda State Medical University5500 USDIncluded27500 USD1,925,000Read More>>
Al-farabi Kazakh National Medical University4000 USD700 USD23500 USD1,645,000Read More>>
North Kazakhstan State University3600 USD500 USD17500 USD1,225,000Read More>>
West Kazakh State Medical University3600 USD600 USD21000 USD1,470,000Read More>>


Universities in KyrgyzstanTuition fees/ YearHostel Fees/ YearToatl in 5 Year ( USD )Total in 5 Year ( INR )Get More Information
Kyrgyz State Medical Academy4500 USD600 USD25500 USD1,785,000Read More>>
Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University— USD— USD— USDRead More>>
Jalalabad State Medical University2870 USD450 USD166001,162,000Read More>>
Osh State Medical University3000 USD230 USD16150 USD1,925,000Read More>>
Asian Medical Institute3200 USD350 USD17750 USD1,130,500Read More>>


Universities in GeorgiaTuition & Hostel fees/ YearToatl in 5 Year ( USD )Total in 5 Year ( INR )Get More Information
Batumi Shota Rustaveli University6000 USD30000 USD2,100,000Read More>>
State Medical University6500 USD32500 USD2,275,000Read More>>
European University Georgia5800 USD29000 USD2,030,000Read More>>
New Vision University5500 USD330002,310,000Read More>>
Caucasus International University5000 USD25000 USD1,750,000Read More>>
Euroregional Teaching University Medical Faculty Georgia5700 USD28500 USD1,995,000


Universities in BelarusTuition fees/ YearHostel Fees/ YearToatl in 6 Year ( USD )Total in 6 Year ( INR )Get More Information
Gomel State Medical University3500 USD400 USD23400 USD1,638,000Read More>>
Vitebsk State Medical University4800 USD800 USD33600 USD2,352,000Read More>>


Universities in ArmeniaTuition fees/ YearHostel Fees/ YearToatl in 6 Year ( USD )Total in 6 Year ( INR )Get More Information
Yerevan State Medical University5000 USD600 USD33600 USD2,352,000Read More>>
Yerevan Haybusak University3700 USD500 USD25200 USD1,764,000Read More>>
Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University3200 USD800 USD24000 USD1,680,000Read More>>


Universities in PhilippinesBS Course FeeMD Course FeeBS Course Fee ( INR )MD Course Fee ( INR )Get More Information
Our Lady of Fatima University14000 USD25600 USD980,000 INR1,792,000 INRRead More>>
University of Perpetual Help System400000 Pesos1150,000 Pesos500,000 INR1,792,000 INRRead More>>
AMA School of Medical500000 Pesos750000 Pesos625,0000 INR937,500 INRRead More>>
Davao Medical School Foundation4550 USD20,400 USD33300 USD1,428,000Read More>>
Angeles University Foundation


Universities in China1st Year2nd-6th Year CostFull Package ( INR )PCB (in 12th)
Guangxi Medical University41000 RMB41000 RMB246000 RMB
Guangzhou Medical University36000 RMB36000 RMB216000 RMB
China Medicai University47500 RMB47500 RMB285000 RMB80%
Shandong University52000 RMB52000 RMB312000 RMB70%
Dalian Medical University53000 RMB53000 RMB318000 RMB60%
Zhengzhou Medical University40500 RMB40500 RMB243000 RMB60%
Xuzhou Medical University36600 RMB36600 RMB219600 RMB80%
Anhui Medical University34000 RMB34000 RMB204000 RMB60%
Fujian Medical University39000 RMB39000 RMB234000 RMB
Jilin State Medical University38000 RMB38000 RMB228000 RMB70%
Kunming Medical University39000 RMB39000 RMB234000 RMB70%
Qingdao Medical University38000 RMB38000 RMB228000 RMB70%
Capital Medical University53000 RMB53000 RMB318000 RMB65%
Ningbo Medical University34000 RMB34000 RMB204000 RMB65%
Ningxia Medical University34800 RMB34800 RMB208800 RMB
North Sichuan Medical University38000 RMB38000 RMB228000 RMB60%


Universities in Bangladesh1st year costTotal 5 Year cost ( USD )Total 5 Year cost ( INR )
Moinamoti Medical College12000 USD38000 USD2,660,000
North Bengal Medical college12000 USD34000 USD2,380,000
Dhaka Community Medicai College18000 USD42000 USD2,940,000
Mark’s Medical College15000 USD37000 USD2,590,000
Monno Medical College41000 USD2,870,000
Jalalabad Ragib Rabeya Medical College16000 USD42950 USD3,006,000
Tahirunessa Memorials Medical College16000 USD42000 USD2,940,000
International Medical College20000 USD40500 USD2,835,000
Anwar Khan Modern Medical College18000 USD44000 USD3,080,000
Popular Medical College20000 USD450003,150,000
Park View Medical College15000 USD35000 USD2,450,000
North East Medical College16000 USD40000 USD2,800,000
Dr Sirajul Islam Medical College20000 USD40000 USD2,800,000


UniversitiesTotal tuition fees in 5 Year ( USD )Total tuition fees in 5 Year in INRGet More Information
American University of Barbados43,500 USD3,045,000 INR


UniversitiesTuition fees/ YearLiving cost/ YearToatl in 5 Year ( USD )Total in 5 Year ( INR )Get More Information
Lincoln American University6000 USD2500-3000 USD45,000 USD3,150,000 INR


UniversitiesTuition fees/ YearLiving cost/ YearToatl in 5 Year ( USD )Total in 5 Year ( INR )Get More Information
Avicenna Tajik State Medical University4500 USD500 USD25,000 USD1,750,000 INRRead More>>


Universities in Nepal1st Installment (INR)Total PKG. (INR)One Time Payment ( INR )
Maharajgunj Medical College200000052000005000000
BP Koirala Institute of Health Science50000004800000
Janaki Medicai College40000004000000
Chitwan Medical College200000050000004700000
National Medical College100000045000004200000
Manipal College of Medical Sciences50000004800000
Nobel Medical College2,000,00045000003600000
Nepal Medical College49000004600000
Birat Medical College50000004800000
Nepalgunj Medical College280000054000005000000
Devdaha Medical College160000046000004400000
College of Medical Sciences49000004500000
Kathmandu University School of Medical Science40000003900000
Kathmandu Medical College46000004200000
Kist Medical College160000049000004700000
Universal College of Medical Sciences200000050000004800000
Nepal Army Institute of Health Science52000005000000
Lumbini Medical College160000046000004400000


  • The above fees structure, living Cost, food & One-time charges are not included.
  • Exchange Rate (USD 1 = 70 INR)
  • If you want complete fee structure, then call me on my Number: 9771781284, 9771781383