MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is the best option for Indian students. Very cheapest package available for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.If you want to know more about MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, such as about Indian students in Kyrgyzstan, medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan- Fee Structure then contact Bissav Education today. As we all know the craze of MBBS is on demand from abroad regarding Indian students. Above all Kyrgyzstan is always those countries who always try to satisfy their students in aspects. First and foremost thing students care before taking admission in abroad is of total academic charges. So there is no doubt that Kyrgyzstan is in one of those countries who provide UG and PG Medical degrees at very affordable price. Basically its quality and study system is concern with European studies standards. After all Kyrgyzstan's universities recognized by World's major organisation which includes WHO, UNESCO, MCI and many more.

Meanwhile the total duration of course is of 5 or 6 Years. Moreover here students get chance to gain the knowledge through practice classes too.Generally, students get the benefit of practical classes from the beginning, but in particular the students of the 5th or 6th year are more focused on getting experience of their own hospitals.

Kyrgyz State Medical Academy ( KSMA )

Kyrgyz state medical academy established on 1st September 1939 located in the capital city Bishkek. Above all initially with the recruitment of 200 students this University keeps on giving its best. On the other hand today it is one of the most leading institute with more than 12,000 students studying here. After all approximately 1735 students are from other countries like India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Nepal , and Pakistan etc. moreover this universities has partnership with many other universities like martion college UK, Moscow medical university Russia, Minnesota University-USA, and Zurich university- Switzerland etc. medium of education system are in English.

Mess and hostel facilities are exclusively Indian for Indian students. Although they provide their students with expertise and organizational assistance, medical guidelines and training. books and as well as faculty staff at the same time this university also provide their students with a well maintained library containing lots of books covering from various fields.

No doubt have already approximately 500 Indian studying here. This university is MCI Classes (FMGE) approved and its hostels are well occupied and furnished.

Asian Medical Institute ( ASMI )

Asian Medical Institute established in 2004 and listed in WHO Directory and FAIMER. ASMI has received its recognition from the ministry of health, Kyrgyzstan Republic to train medical professionals, mostly for foreign countries. Above all the cost of education is very low here. Along this it has good quality of education too. Moreover students can also avail coaching for MCI Screening test. On the other hand it accommodates students from ten countries which includes India, Russia, Nepal, Germany, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and Nigeria etc. consequently the medium of education is in English .

The cooks in the mess are Indian as a result Indian foods are available to the students. This University provide many recreational activities for the students too. Students whoever graduates from here are eligible for MCI, PMDC and NMC Screening test. Although the teaching pattern is exclusively based on theoretical and practical criteria too helping the students to become a skilled doctor. Above all here study syllabus comprises of all those subjects which is comes under in MCI Screening test.

It is located nearby capital city BISHKEK at some distance i.e. called approximately in 30 minutes . duration of course is 5.8 years here. Apart from this, Indian students get the opportunity to take classes from the best Indian faculty in 1 year for MCM (FMGE). Afterward the qualities of foods are exclusively Indian in the mess. Meanwhile the fees of ASMI are cheap.

Jalalabad state medical University ( JSMU )

JSMU is a government university established in 1993. It is satiated in urban area. It provides higher education in many areas such as: - medical, electronics, energy generation, agricultural industrial premises etc. although at present approximately 5000 students are studying at JASU . This university has 700 working teachers including 15 doctors of science and professors and 116 candidates of science and docent. "Above all, this includes 1000 students from countries like India, Nepal and Pakistan. it produces specialists with high education in the 54 fields and secondary education in 12 fields too.

Apart from this, it includes many faculty like - medical, nursing, academic, zoology, veterinary technical faculty and physical training and sports. and also organized various cultural programs for the students. No doubt They have their own dirt and some Indian food items.Separate hostels for boys and girls are available too. Where students get all the facilities needed.

It is a public body institution located in Jalalabad city. After all, Jalalabad is the third largest city in Kyrgyzstan. So the students get all the facilities here required. Moreover it has advanced level of teaching techniques and great faculties. There is no doubt that it has its own Indian hostel and mess.

Osh state Medical University (OSMU)

Osh State University is a government university and established in 1992. This Kyrgyz is the largest university in the Republic and is ranked top by many ranking institutions and newspapers. Apart from this, more than 8000 students are studying in various faculties. More than 3,000 students from other nations also study. Apart from this OSU is a member of the European Union of Universities, Universities and the International Union of TEMPUS.

The OSMU's medical faculty is located in the state of Osh and the university has captured 32,178 medical books and international scientific journals including the library. This University is listed in the World Health Organization (WHO), Educational Commission for Overseas Medical Bachelors (ECFMG). In USA, IMED and MCI, there is no doubt that its degree is valid in the whole world. Clinical hospitals are well equipped here. The hostels are available with all the facilities and flavors with Indian food items.

Located in the city of Osh in Kyrgyzstan. There is no doubt that it accommodates a large number of students and currently 1500 students are studying here. Actually, students from many countries are involved in this. OSMU is listed in the World Schools of Medical Schools. Provides quality education and ultimately satisfies its foreign students with good facilities of accommodation and food properties.

Study mbbs in kyrgyzstan- at low cost

Today in the world of education everybody is willing their best to fulfil their dream. One of the most respected scope doctors in the education system is one. Many of them are preferring to do mbbs from abroad rather than India. So Kyrgyzstan will be one of the best option for persuing your dream. There are many reasons which can prove for being its best.

Kyrgyzstan is located in central Asia. here MBBS program can be completed in within 5 or 6 Year. Basically at current totally 5 MCI recognised MBBS/medical colleges are available in Kyrgyzstan. It is affordable for students because it is comparatively low from India. Studying at any top colleges in Kyrgyzstan will definitely give the degree which will be valuable globally. Just like Russian MBBS degree is valuable / acceptable in India. The degree from Kyrgyzstan is also valid in India.

Admission processes are done here in the month of July-August. Students feel here more comfortable in respect of study system , climatic condition and language etc.

MBBS in kyrgyzstan for indian students

Today, in the world of education everyone is ready to do their best to fulfill their dream. The most respected scope of the education system is of the doctor. Many of them like to do MBBS from abroad instead of India. Therefore Kyrgyzstan is your best choice to fulfill your dream of MBBS.

Indian students here feel more comfortable in the study system, climate conditions and language etc. Because here every college is preferred for teaching English language. Climate conditions are also favorable, in which temperature variation is involved. Basically this is the area of ??cold climate. Generally, two languages ??are spoken here, Kyrgyz and Russian. These Indian languages ??are taught here for Indian students so that there is no problem communicating with local people.


Step1: Fill out the online form at www.becindia.org and pay the initial registration fee (10,000INR). You must send a scanned copy of the certificate leaving school of 12th on 10th, 11th, 12th Marksheets and email bissav.edu@gmail.com

Step2: after completion of step 1, you will get your admission letter within 2 working days. Now send all the above documents to the main office including passport (original).

Step3: Its time to deposit 2nd installment of your processing fees. After this you will get your visa as soon as possible.

Step4: Now you are ready to fly to your university to fulfil your dream because you have your student visa, invitation letter and admission letter by university.

Step5: you need to deposit the remaining processing fees before 7 days of your flight. Every information you will get regarding your journey and our consultant will go with you to university.


  • Mark sheet of classes of 10th and 12th.
  • 50% rating score in Biology, Chemistry, Physics & English.
  • School leaving certificate of class 12th.
  • Passport with appropriate entry visa.
  • Application form
  • 10 photograph ( 3/ 4 cm)

Indian Student at Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is one of those countries, which is the biggest choice of Indian students. As a result, 5000 Indian students are currently studying here. Bishkek is the capital of Kyrgyzstan and here are 3 universities aligned, apart from this, 1000 students live here and fulfill their dream. You do not have to face local people or any type of problem related here. Because here in each institution they get classes of local languages ??like Russian Hostels being held at universities are celebrated in Indian festivals such as Holi and Deepawali, so students enjoy happiness always here. He gets a lot of cooperative faculty and assistant senior, so he always gets support in any regard. All Indian students here live in unity and help each other. They also take advantage of the MCI classes. Ultimately, the students are safe and happy here in every sense.

There are a large number of students who are not fulfilling their dream of MBBS from Kyrgyzstan. In fact, Kyrgyzstan is one of the countries that provide the study at the cheapest rate. As a matter of fact Kyrgyzstan is one of the countries whose fees are cheap for Indian students. And there is no doubt that the universities are approved by MCI. Meanwhile, Indian students get all practical knowledge and among the safest city.

Living Expenses in Kyrgyzstan

Meanwhile Kyrgyzstan is one of the most greatest choice for Indian students in respect of affordable fees and study quality. At the same time student also consider living expenses. Therefore it varies accordingly to the students. For instance if a student's reside next to his/her university the transport charge can be managed. In fact, transport cost might be expensive. On the other hand students can manage their expenses by adopting some different ways. Likewise referring to second-hand book stores instead of taking first hand books. Furthermore if we consider overall expenses than per month living cost tends to be around $ 100-150 including all accommodations.

In conclusion its totally dependent on the student's lifestyle and their choice of living facilities and accommodation.

Afterward hostel comprises of all the facilities a student needs. However it contains a room providing all the necessities like bed, blanket, mattress, pillow and furniture etc. it provides laundry facilities too. On the other hand feeding quality is exclusively Indian. In addition the cooks are Indian in the mess. Infact students get 3 times food i.e. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan- Admission Deadline

In accordance for taking admission in Kyrgyzstan, students have to go through some process. First and foremost thing is the booking of seat which you have to do in the month of July. For instance it take approximately 10 weeks for the approval of your application by the Medical university of Kyrgyzstan. The classes are ready to run at the end of august too. At the same time students may also book their seats later if the seats are available. Intimately the students can successfully get their classes on time who book their seat early.

Deadline Time of Commencement
Application Approved by College In month of July ( it will take 3-4 weeks )
Admission in September Session July/August
Admission in January Session November/December


To study MBBS from Kyrgyzstan is a good decision or not?

Of course MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is good decision because all the factors are favorable here. Above all if you are really a hard working student and devoted towards your studies than your previous performance doesn't matter. And yes doubt MBBS from Kyrgyzstan/mbbs in kyrgyzstan is a good choice.

Weather there is availability of Indian foods or not?

Yes here you will get Indian foods in the mess . exclusively Indian foods and Indian Cooks are available too. Infact both veg. and non-veg. Foods you get in respect of your choice.

What is the language of study system there?

Here the medium of teaching are exclusively in English. So the student's don't have to be worries regarding understanding of their classes.

How students deal with local people regarding communication etc.?

In order to deal with local people regarding communication language doesn't create a problem because in college/ universities student get classes of local language too.

Will the students get MCI classes in colleges/ University or not ?

The answer is yes. Students get MCI classes from the best faculties of India from 1st year itself. So the students may get the chances of preparation for MCI Screening test parallel with their study period.

Weather the teaching faculties are well trained or not?

Yes teaching faculties are best here and they are well trained too.

What is the certainty of getting practical classes?

Here students get practical classes. There are well maintained laboratories in which students do some experiments in order to gain some variable experiences and experimental knowledge.

At what instant teaching faculties and seniors are cooperative?

They are very cooperative and in any circumstances they always get ready for the help. It the students feel any problem regarding their subjects or whatever you may consult your faculties or seniors.

What about the environment there? How students cope with the environment initially?

Environment is favorable here. Basically the climate of Kyrgyzstan is cold student enjoy the climate here.

Is there any problem in the adjustment for the 1st year students?

No there is not any problem. Student don't need to be afraid regarding it. Because everybody supportive here. They don't have to face any problem.