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What are the eligibility requirements to pursue MBBS abroad?
Most of the medical universities abroad have very basic eligibility criteria. Fine grades in 10th and 12th with qualification in NEET are required. For detailed information, you can either visit our homepage or can contact us.
How do I register myself with MCI (Medical Council of India)?
All doctors in India have to register themselves with the MCI. After completion of their doctorate degree, the students can easily register themselves with the Medical Council of India following the process laid by the authority. Bissav Overseas Education helps the students to get the ‘Certificate of Eligibility’ from MCI.
Can I practice in India with a medical specialisation degree from abroad?
Yes, you can definitely practice medical science in India after clearing the MCI screening test and registering yourself with the MCI.
What is the maximum number of attempts to qualify the MCI screening test?
There is no restriction on the number of attempts to qualify the MCI screening test. Though, the majority of the students clear their test in their very first attempt.
Can I work in government hospitals or other medical institutions in India?
Every medical graduate from foreign universities is allowed to work in private and government medical hospitals after clearing the MCI screening test.
What type of food can I expect in the university’s mess abroad?
Most of the colleges that we offer admission to have Indian mess facilities for the students from India where meals are prepared by Indian cooks. Apart from this, the students can prepare their own meals in the hostel kitchens which can be used by the students on a sharing basis. Whether it be mess or canteen, the food offered is of good quality.
Is there a good number of Indian students in medical universities abroad?
Thousands of students from India graduate from medical universities abroad and the number of students opting for medical studies in foreign countries is increasing day by day.
Can I avail the facility of education loan for medical studies abroad?
Yes, you can avail the facility of education loan for your medical studies abroad. You just need to present the correct documents relevant to your admission to the bank. The loan sanctioned by the bank depends upon the monthly income of your parents.
Will you help me with the loan process?
Our experts will advise you and guide you for the loan process but the clearance of loan depends totally on the respective banks.
Are the universities you represent listed in the WHO directory?
Every university that BOE represents is enlisted in the directory of WHO.
What is the language preferred for teaching in universities abroad?
We only represent those universities who provide education to the students in the English language. Many universities abroad do not use English as their preferred teaching language.
Can I also go for my masters from these universities?
Yes, you can absolutely go for your further studies from these universities. Our medical experts will guide you and help you with your post-graduation.
Does the bachelor’s degree from these universities valid in India and other countries?
All the universities that we offer admission to are recognized globally and the bachelor’s degree from these universities are MCI approved. Hence, their educational degrees are totally valid in India as well as in other countries.
Do I have to clear any entrance examination for admission? And if there’s no examination required for admission, then does this mean that the university is not good?
No, you don’t have to clear any specific examination for admission to these universities. These universities admit students on the basis of their class 12th marks followed by an interview. The educational standard of these universities is very high. Only deserving candidates get promoted to the next academic session.
What is the process for passport application and what are the required documents?
Passport can either be applied online or from your nearest passport office. You can visit the official website of the Indian government for the issuance of your passport. Basic documents like proof of identity and residence are required In addition to these, school completion certificates are required too.
Is it mandatory for the students to carry essentials like bed sheets with them?
There is no need for the students to carry bed sheets or other materials apart from their basic essentials with them. The hostels there provide all these facilities.
What is the complete duration for the admission process?
The process for the issuance of Admission letter from the university usually takes 10 to 15 working days. The major documentation process takes around 6 to 8 weeks for completion. Also, the applicant is required to visit New Delhi once for their student’s visa and for a medical test.
How much would it cost to pursue MBBS abroad? Is the quality of education there better than the Indian medical institutions?
It generally costs around 25 to 30 lakhs to pursue MBBS abroad including food and accommodation.
What are the facilities I can expect in the hostel?
Facilities like free electricity, free wifi, hot water, etc are provided by the hostel authorities. Appliances like washing machines and electric gas stoves are also available.