MBBS in Kazakhstan

MBBS in Kazakhstan

MBBS in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the 9th highest caliber country. Kazakhstan's capital is Astana. Apart from this, it is located in Central Asia. Kazakhstan is the main nation and its land area is approximately 1,052,100 square miles equivalent to Western Europe. Therefore, Kazakhstan shares its border with Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkey. Overall, this is a big city, whose biggest city is Almaty. Apart from this, the population of Kazakhstan is approximately 18.3 million. Kazakhstan is the world recognized WHO, UN, WTO, UNESCO. Kazakhstan turns its last Soviet Union into the Caspian Sea.


MBBS in Kazakhstan is popular for good quality education. Apart from this, those who think that MBBS in Kazakhstan is a high-priced country, is wrong, the rate of price for globally acclaimed medical studies is very low. Facilities and infrastructure have been well-fascinated. Therefore, the practical program is organized by teachers and lecturers in the field of medical field. MBBS offers internships in hospitals in Kazakhstan. Although the time period is 5 years for the medical study and the medium of education is completely English, students who do MBBS in medical studies in Kazakhstan can work anywhere in the world and they can directly apply for MCI / FMGE screening. Can. full course. Although, MBBS IN KAZAKHSTAN has created a very good environment with new people, creativity and innovation. In addition, the climate in Kazakhstan is good and tolerable with 85% humidity and 25% air.

Some Universities for MBBS ADMISSION IN KAZAKHSTAN are given below:-

List of Medical Universities

Universities Tuition fees/ Year Hostel Fees/ Year Toatl in 6 Year ( USD ) Total in 6 Year ( INR ) Get More Information
Kazakh National Medical University 5100 USD 300 USD 27000 USD 1,890,000 Read More>>
Astana Medical University 3700 USD 700 USD 22000 USD 1,540,000 Read More>>
South Kazakhstan Medical Academy 3600 USD 600 USD 21000 1,470,000 Read More>>
Karaganda State Medical University 5500 USD Included USD 27500 USD 1,925,000 Read More>>
Al-farabi Kazakh National Medical University 4300 USD 500-800 USD 28800 USD 2,016,000 Read More>>
North Kazakhstan State University 4300 USD 500-800 USD 28800 USD 2,016,000 Read More>>
West Kazakh State Medical University 4300 USD 500-800 USD 28800 USD 2,016,000 Read More>>
Note: Exchange Rate (USD 1 = 70 INR)


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