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MBBS in Kazakhstan

MBBS in Kazakhstan

MBBS in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the 9th largest high calibre country. The capital of Kazakhstan is Astana. Further, it is located in Central Asia. Kazakhstan is dominant nation and has its land area equal to the West Europe of about 1,052,100 square miles. Hence, Kazakhstan share its border with Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkistan. Admittedly, its a landlocked country with a largest city called Almaty. Further, the population of Kazakhstan is about 18.3 million. Kazakhstan is world recognised WHO, UN, WTO, UNESCO. Kazakhstan changes its past Soviet Union to the Caspian Sea.


MBBS in Kazakhstan is popularly known for plenty of good quality education. Further, for the people who think the MBBS in Kazakhstan is a high price country are wrong, the price rate is very low for the globally admired medical studies. The facilities and infrastructure  is well fascinated. Hence, the practical program is held by the teachers and lecturers pioneer in the field of medical. MBBS in Kazakhstan provides the internship in hospitals. Although, the time duration for pursuing medical study  is 5 years and the medium of instruction is fully English, the students pursuing medical study MBBS in Kazakhstan can apply job any where in world and they can also directly apply for MCI/FMGE screening after completing the full course. Although, a very good environment is created with new people, creativeness and innovation for MBBS IN KAZAKHSTAN. Further, the climate in Kazakhstan is good and tolerable with 85% of Humidity and 25%  of wind.

Some Universities for MBBS IN KAZAKHSTAN are given below:-

Name of the University Established in Annual Tuition Fees (INR).
Kazakh National Medical University 1931 3,99,000₹/ Year
South Kazakh Medical University 1979 2,52,000₹/ Year
Astana Medical University 1964 2,45,000₹/ Year

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