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Bissav Overseas Education is one of the leading medical educational consultancies of India with its head office in New Delhi. We started in 2010 with the sole aim to provide peerless educational consultancy services to the students. In a span of 10 years, we have developed thoroughly and have impressively coped up with the changing educational environment. With our help and guidance, numerous medical aspirants were able to get admission in top medical universities throughout the world. We have a team of highly dedicated and goal-oriented individuals who work strenuously for students’ betterment.

Other than New Delhi, we have our operational centres in various cities of India. Moreover, with the help of our partners, we are planning to increase our number of branches throughout the country. Our executives represent top-rated private and government medical universities in various countries like Russia, Ukraine, USA, China, Poland, Germany, etc. All these universities are highly regarded because of the top-notch education they impart. Our executives ensure that the students are under supervision not only in India but abroad too. Proper assistance and guidance are provided at each and every step to all the students.

Apart from helping the students to reach their educational destination, our team members have expertise in bestowing high-quality counselling services to the students. There are many influential doctors of the highest qualifications in our team. These medical specialists help the students to clear the MCI screening test or FMGE. With the help of their advice and guidelines, many medical graduates cleared the MCI screening test and are now practising medical science in India.

Unlike others, we don’t end our relationship with the students after their admission. We provide what we say. Even after the students’ admission, our team members are available to resolve any problem they encounter.


Ethics and Morality: The services that we offer to our students are completely for their betterment. It would be morally incorrect to gain profit at the cost of our students’ career. Unlike others, we want to be completely honest with our students and not use them for monetary purposes.

Visionary: We work for a purpose. A purpose to help the students gain a high-quality education and achieve what they aspire. We aim for the career growth of the students in the medical field. We wish that they become prominent doctors in various specialisations and serve the people with our support. We will advance only when they succeed.

High-standard Service: We don’t compromise with the standard of our service we provide to the students. Our team works vigorously day and night with coordination to maintain the quality of our services. Every service we offer and every information we give should be fruitful to our students. Else, there’s no point in serving them.

Prioritising Client’s satisfaction and Choice: Our leaders make sure that the first priority while serving the clients is their satisfaction. The goal for which our team works is client’s contentment. Also, we completely respect the student’s choice. We only guide them and provide them with the correct information about the universities. We don’t force them to take admission in any specific institution. In the end, the choice is totally their’s and we follow that.

Our Team

It would be unfair to the medical aspirants if they are guided by someone who is not familiar with their domain or is not specialized for the same. Our CEO is a highly-qualified doctor and medical expert. Thus, he thoroughly understands the requirements of the students seeking career growth in the medical field. Every step he takes is for the amelioration of the students. Apart from this, our team consists of numerous medical experts who help and guide the students in achieving what they desire.

Dr. P. K. Roy
MD ( Physician )
Founder & CEO

Pritika Roy
Bachelor of Science

Mr. Sunil Kumar
Bachelor of Science
Marketing Director