Bissav Education


After submission of the passport, we start working for your visa. The visa you receive will basically be a student’s cum entrance visa. The validity of this visa is 3 months. This implies that the student has to move to the country within 3 months from the date of the visa issuance. After your arrival at the university, the immigration authorities of that country will register you to stay and study in that institution for one year. Similarly, you would be registered for the hostel too.

ECR (Emigration Check Required):

Majority of the students who move to foreign countries for their studies, need to suspend their ECR. Failing to do so would result in the cancellation of their flight tickets. This means that the student wouldn’t be allowed to fly to the location. We make sure that ECR is cleared. At present, the government has provided ECR clearance to the individuals who have completed their class 12th. Earlier it was different.


  • Flight tickets
  • Copy of Visa
  • Passport
  • Copy of Admission Letter
  • Foreign currency exchange
  • Original copies of all the documents and certificates
  • Essential medicines

While Travelling:

  • The weight restriction should always be kept in mind before checking in at the airport. The following weight limit is allowed by the airlines-
  • Check-In baggage - 20 kg maximum
  • Hand baggage - 5 kg maximum

NOTE: If the weight of the baggage exceeds the given limit, then the students have to pay some extra amount per kilogram of the extra weight.

  • You should always carry the important documents in your hand baggage and your passport and cash in your waist pouch.
  • Always restrict yourself from accepting any parcel from a stranger. The parcel might contain any illegal substance.
  • Don’t engage too much with your fellow passengers or with strangers. They might steal your cash or other belongings.
  • Most importantly, always stay with your group.
  • Always keep an eye on your belongings. Don’t leave your essentials (pouch, rings, watch, etc) while using the toilets on the plane or at the airport.
  • Restrain from carrying precious jewels with you.
  • Whether it be airport or aircraft, always be in discipline.
  • A pen is required to fill important forms like emigration, customs and entrance at the airports. So always carry one with you.
  • Shoes are compulsory for all the students (girls and boys).
  • It is advised to carry full sleeve shirts or t-shirts along with warm clothes while traveling because of the low temperature in the aircraft and at the destination airport.