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All the students and parents who visit Bissav’s website and wish to avail its services should abide by these terms.

  • The time you register with Bissav Overseas Education, you enter into a dual agreement. The first being from your side and the second from ours. You have to follow Bissav’s norms and pay the required amount in time and in return, we will provide all the services we offer.
  • Every payment you make will be for the services we provide. Any extra charge would not be levied unless it is specified.
  • All the payments against our services should be paid without any delay. The admission process cannot be stopped once the applicant gets registered unless it is specified prior to confirmation.
  • Any amount that is due to Bissav Overseas Education should be paid by the applicant/guardian prior to their departure for the university.
  • After registration, the tuition fees or other essential payments of the university are non-refundable unless there is provision for the same.
  • The students can avail our consultancy services or can call for assistance even after their admission. We provide local support as well. All these are only possible when the student chooses one of the universities we represent.

Bissav Overseas Education helps you with your visa issuance. We don’t assure timely issuance of the student’s visa if the delay is caused by any internal issue of the embassy. Also, the approval or rejection of the student’s visa is completely dependent upon the embassy and in case of rejection, Bissav Overseas Education is not liable.

Copyright: All the content on the website is Copyright © 2013-2020 Bissav Overseas Education. The website’s content is completely protected by Indian Copyright Act and international copyright laws. Only Bissav Overseas Education reserves the right to make changes on the website.

Recreation: The site content is recreated or renewed from time to time. Besides basic information, the academic fee of universities can change without prior notice. Bissav Overseas Education is not accountable for that. The students can contact Bissav Overseas for further clarification.

Privacy/Security Policy: Every information (email address, phone number, etc) you provide is Bissav’s liability. We don’t believe in sharing client’s information for monetary purposes. Client’s personal details are only used for resolving their queries or sharing essential particulars with them. Our clients should be assured that their personal data is completely safe and unshared.

Unauthorized Publishing: Bissav Overseas Education can eliminate any abusive and unethical stuff posted by users. We can also remove published materials which consist of any promotional matter or information by impostors who claim to convey the particulars on behalf of Bissav.

Violation: If you violate any of the terms and conditions mentioned above then Bissav Overseas Education reserves all rights to terminate the agreement and deny your website access and turn down your services without any refund.