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All the students who have completed their MBBS either from India or abroad have to appear for NEET-PG if they want to get admission in Indian government medical universities. Our medical experts always advise our students to go for NEET-PG but the competition is very high and it requires strenuous efforts to qualify the exam. The number of candidates registering for NEET-PG is increasing at a very high rate year after year. Seats are limited. Moreover, about half the available seats are reserved. The students must not worry. There are several options excluding NEET-PG for the students to choose from for their post-graduation.

We have enlisted some of the best options for the students to consider.


USMLE stands for United States Medical Licensing Examination. As the name suggests it is an examination to test the medical knowledge and proficiency of the graduates. It mainly evaluates the applicant’s implementation of their skills and abilities to real-life scenarios. The exams are conducted in 3 steps and the graduates who wish to practice medical science or go for their post-graduation in the United States must clear all the three. After clearing the USMLE, the student can get a 5 years visa for studying and working in America.


PLAB (Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board) exam is another great option for Indian medical graduates seeking admission in good medical universities for post-graduation. The PLAB exam is for those individuals who have earned their MBBS degrees overseas and wish to practice and carry on their medical studies in the United Kingdom. The PLAB exam is conducted in 2 parts and the candidates have to clear both for working safely in the United Kingdom. Also, the applications of the candidates must be approved within 2 years of their qualification of the second part of the exam.

Medical PG in Germany :

Post-graduation in German medical universities is one of the best options for Indian medical aspirants who have given their best shot to clear NEET-PG but didn’t succeed. The best thing about PG in Germany is that the MBBS graduates are not required to clear any specific examination for admission. It takes about 8 to 9 months after graduation to go for further studies in Germany. During this period the candidates are required to learn A1 and A2 level of the German language.

The only thing that the students should care about is learning the German language. Learning just A1 and A1 levels of the language is not enough. For medical PG in Germany, the minimum level of German language proficiency should be C1. If the applicants are deserving enough then they even receive 100% free education.