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MBBS in Abroad

Nowadays, MBBS in Abroad program is very popular in India, every year thousands of Indian students are going for MBBS in Abroad, if you are also interested for MBBS in Abroad then Contact us today, we will give you honest and informative counseling about MBBS Admission in Abroad or MBBS in Abroad. MBBS in abroad for Indian student in a MCI affirmed college Cheap/ease expenses structure alternatives, for example, MBBS in Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, China, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus, USA is accessible from Rs. 9 to 60 Lacs! To think about MBBS in Abroad isn’t at all the need of an Indian student.

Be that as it may, MBBS in Abroad happens to be an incredible choice since the charges structure of MCI endorsed colleges is with minimal effort. There are around 10,000 Indian students gets admission to MBBS Abroad consistently in 12 distinct nations. Presently Indian Students are envisioning the experience to think about MBBS in abroad since the nature of instruction is particularly high.

Some good reason to study MBBS in Abroad

 Affordable fees

 No donation/ No entrance exam

 MCI & WHO approved Medical Universities

 Medium of Introduction is English

Affordable tuition fee

 Career Gateway/ Global Job Opportunities

 Indian Mess facility
Advance Academic Curriculum

 Scholarship provided on merit basis

Admission in the top ranked Universities

Guidance for MCI Screening Test

Safe and secure Hostels & campus

mbbs in abroad

MBBS in abroad for indian students at low cost

Today in India all of us are very familiar with status of medical condition in our country. Where every year cases are increasing regarding health issues in contrast of MBBS in Abroadthat there are shortage of registerd doctors and therefore the doctors and the patient ratio are very low.

In accordance of that there is basically need to overcome this problem but this problem cant be solve instantly because of lack of appropriate numbers of seats available in India. So the interested
students are not getting opportunities to fulfill their dream of becoming a doctor. so they are looking forward for abroad to persue their dream.

But at some point again the matter comes of affordable fee structure which should be basically feeted in their budget. because if it can’t be able to solved then the situation will be again same as the studying MBBS from private colleges in India. So now it’s easy for you to make your dream comes true from abroad at low cost.

Yes its true aspirants, you may now choose your universities in respect of your own interest in abroad in affordable fees, so now no worries. Your dream will come true where fees will be not a matter.

Before taking admission in Abroad, be sure to note a few things-

 Establishment of college / University

 MCI approved or Who recognized or not

 Number of Indian students currently studying there

 Status of MCI qualifying exam in that college

 Facilities for MCI classes

 Duration of Course

 Exam criteria

 Language of courses / Bilingual Course Problem.

 Availability of Indian foods

 Hostel facilities/ environment in hostel

 Climate condition


 Local environments

 Travelling duration

MCI (FMGE) Screening Test.

mbbs in abroadIt is one of the most valuable exam. Medical council of India (MCI) Screening test which is also known as foreign medical graduate examination ( FMGE ) is conducted by national board of examination ( NBE ) in India.

It was basically introduced in 2002. In order to practice medicine in India for Indian citizens who study MBBS from abroad it become mandatory to qualify this exam.

If the chance arises of not appearing for MCI screening test then only it is possible. if the students have perused their MBBS degree from any 5 English speaking countries (Australia/ Canada/ New Zealand/United Kingdom/United States of America.)

It’s not tough actually to clear this exam if you study you MBBS course with concentration because all the 19 subjects for MCI Test ( FMGE ) covered during MBBS course.

Students will get FMGE test series and study materials by our Bissav Educational Council.

Moreover there is benefit for abroad studying students that during their 5 or 6 year courses of MBBS. if they prepare for MCI parallelly then they can also crack MS/MD Entrance test in India together.

MBBS Admission in Abroad with less fees

CountryPackageIndian Food Charges
Ukraine170000₹ -250000₹ 130$
Kyrgyzstan800000₹ -160000₹ 100$
Kazakhstan160000₹ -240000₹ 120$
Russia130000₹ -280000₹ 130$
China120000₹ -300000₹ 100$
Philippines165000₹ -270000₹ 130$
Nepal420000₹ -520000₹ 100$
Romania180000₹ -330000₹ Not Available
Tajikistan150000₹ -210000₹ 100$
Australia650000₹ -750000₹ Not Available
Guyana350000₹ -450000₹ Not Available
Romania180000₹ -380000₹Not Available
Belarus160000₹ -320000₹ 100$
U.S.A650000₹ -750000₹ Not Available

Numbers of Students who appeared for FMGE

mbbs in abroad

Study MBBS in Abroad after 12th Exam

MBBS in abroad at low cost 

If you are in search of top medical university of abroad at low cost, you are at right place now. Worried you can’t have enough money to pay for undergraduate university studies?

Well, you are not the only one out there! so if you are still deciding on a career and the financial factor is big part of your decision, we have picked some of the most affordable disciplines you might want to consider for a bachelor in Asian and European countries.

CountryPackageIndian Food Charges
Ukraine170000₹ -250000₹ 130$
Kyrgyzstan800000₹ -160000₹ 100$
Kazakhstan160000₹ -240000₹ 120$
Russia130000₹ -280000₹ 130$
China120000₹ -300000₹ 100$
Philippines165000₹ -270000₹ 130$
Nepal420000₹ -520000₹ 100$
Romania180000₹ -330000₹ Not Available
Tajikistan150000₹ -210000₹ 100$
Australia650000₹ -750000₹ Not Available
Guyana350000₹ -450000₹ Not Available
Romania180000₹ -380000₹Not Available
Belarus160000₹ -320000₹ 100$
U.S.A650000₹ -750000₹ Not Available

MBBS with Less Fee in the World

In today’s world where there is race of education. Every interested student likes to fulfil their dreams. All want to achieve their highest position of their life. Infact every year the demands of Doctors are increasing.

But due to some financial problems some of them wont fulfil their dreams because they can’t afford.

So for them who can’t afford their fees but want to peruse their dream from abroad. here we come up with affordable financial factor where you can get a better chance to start your journey of becoming a doctor from different Universities in the world.

Yes, now it’s possible. You will get the best University According to your wish in your affordable budget.

List of CollageCollage fee in USDCollage fee in INRCourse DurationFounded In
Kyrgyz State Medical Academy, Kyrgyzstan3000 $₹192,9005.8 YearSeptember 1, 1939
Asian Medical Institute, Kant Kyrgyzstan2100 $₹138,6005.8 YearMarch 12, 2004
Jalalabad State Medical University, Jalalabad Kyrgyzstan2170 $₹143,2205.8 YearApril 2, 1993
Osh state medical university, osh Kyrgyzstan2300 $₹151,8005.8 YearApril 2, 1993

MBBS abroad with fees less than 8 lakhs

As every year no. of students with their dream to be a doctor is increasing the queries are also arising related to career may be about which collage and what fee.

As the number of seats are basically limited in India and infact there is scarcity of doctors. so there is no doubt that students are mainly interested to migrate abroad and achieve their dream of becoming a doctor.

In this situation there is always a common question that what will be the fee structure?

So here you will be happy by knowing that you can achieve your dream from abroad universities under ₹8 Lakh. Yes, it’s true now you can achieve it so grab the opportunities.

MBBS/MD Program1st Year2nd Year3rd Year4th Year5th Year6th Year
College + Air Ticket + Other fees4000$2100$2100$2100$2100$2100$
Hostel fee/ Year400$400$400$400$400$400$
Total in USD4400$2500$2500$2500$2500$2500$
Total in INR282,920 ₹160,750₹160,750₹160,750₹160,750₹160,750₹

Popular Countries for Study MBBS in Abroad

MBBS in Russia

The Russia is a biggest and developed country and it is situated in Asia and MBBS in AbroadEastern Europe and also known as Russian Federation. the Russian government is running by on democratic form of rule.

In the past years there has been ten times as much increase in number of international students travelling for MBBS course in Russia. Regarded, one of the best structured MBBS in abroad and favourite place one wants to go by the student. because the reason of eyes cacther among students to study mbbs in abroad to its low fees structure and highly known for internationally practicing and best with mci results.the mbbs of abroad course is six year program and also varying according to the different college. medical in Russia are tought in both
language english and russian language as per the grade of college.


  • Averge MBBS program fees is very affordable as compared to other countrries for international student its is approx 3000 – 5000 USD per year
  • For MBBS in Russia there is no entrance examintion and validated by WHO and UNESCO.
  • Study MBBS in Russia considered its standard with advanced one compared to European countries.
  • living cost in Russia concidered less as compared to western and other countries, its is approx 100-150 USD per month.
  • Russian universities for MBBS are top ranked among the world about 30 positions are occupied by the top russian medical universities.
  • The MBBS in abroad program in Russia having financial support by the education minister of Russia up to 50% which make it cheaper with advance level.

College videos

MBBS in China

Once in a while China is rich in culture and obviouly most respected in MBBS in Abroadeducational traditional. Accordingly in brief China is one of the oldest civilization in this world simultaneously more than 5,000 years China have written history.as has been noted China is now one of the quickest growing destinations for the study MBBS in abroad in this world. In previously year many students from differents parts of world in brief more than 10,000 came to China to study MBBS.
For MBBS in China the 52 approved MBBS college are public universities under the supervision of the Chinese govermevt . however most of the MBBS universities of china ranked among the top 500 in the world with extremely reputed for top in modern medicine.


  • MBBS in China degree is easy to get admission as compare to other countries. because entrance requirement for MBBS in abroad are much lower as comprison to other country.
  • Living cost and tution fees for MBBS in China is 70% cheaper balanced against MBBS in abroad program in the US and UK. whereas compare to the rest of the world China is expansively reasonable.
  • For MBBS in abroad China offers both undergraduate MBBS as well as specialized 2-3 years programs..
  • All the MBBS college in China– recognised by WHO, UNESCO, MCI.
  • IELTS and TOEFL is not meditary for admision in MBBS in China.
  • Indian food easily available, no donation, complete guarantee of visa.

MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine is the continent,s largest country , stretching from Russia in the east mbbs in abroadto Poland in the west, and sandwiched between the black sea in the south and fellow former Soivent state Belarus in the north. And boasts of seven World Heritage sites. futhermore as compared to before more and more students want to stuudy MBBS in abroad due to many reason. because it have a lower Ukraine medical fees as compared to other countries and it have world class goverment MBBS in abroad universities. The Ministry of education and science of this country contribute in the wellfare of medical college . All the MBBS college of abroad– Recognised by MCI, WHO and UNESCO. The MBBS univerities offers MBBS, MD and different degrees of medication at an most reasonable cost.


  • MBBS in Ukraine degree is easy to get admission naturally to other countries, and living cost of Ukraine is much cheaper as compared to other countries.
  • Therefore, many physical extracircular activities games and exercies are held in all the MBBS universities of Ukraine that keep Students fit and developed.
  • For the admission in MBBS college no entrance exam required eqaully important no donation.
  • All the MBBS college in Ukraine are emphatically by english language for abroad students.
  • IELTS and TOEFL is not meditary for admision in MBBS in Ukraine.
  • Indian food easily availadonation, complete guarantee of visa.

MBBS in Georgia

Georgia is a country which is located in eastern europe and also named as Republic of Georgia since 1995. it is land of Caucasus mountain villages and beaches of black sea. and one of the safest places all the over the world. As Georgia is basically listed among 10 safest countries in the world. and as a matter of fact Living in Georgia is 250% cheaper then in USA and 300% cheaper then in UK.
MBBS in Georgia is basically come out as excellent option in many reasons than other countries such as Russia Ukraine and China. so the trend started for MBBS in Georgia since then. Most equally importance things is the safety point of Georgia. In addition there were the plus piont is large english speaking population,superb educational standards, as well as developed buildings and infrastructure.


  • MBBS in Georgia degree is highly identically around the globe as they correspondingly follow US and European pattern for the program.
  • first in the matter of fact that complete English medium course , moreover no language barrier.
  • Before 2011 MBBS in Georgia was not as popular as other countries ,Georgia got popularity due to war of Russia and Ukrain involved them in trobled so, Georgia became popular destinity for Students.
  • All the MBBS college in Georgia are basically recognised by WHO, UNESCO, MCI.
  • IELTS and TOEFL is not meditary for admision in MBBS in Georgia.
  • Indian food easily available, no donation, complete guarantee of vsa.

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgystan is a country of Central Asia and also known as Switzerland of MBBS in AbroadCentral Asia. Kyrgystan, It is a female dominate country. It is a nation defined by its natural beauty, mountainscapes, rolling jailoos and many more.

MBBS in Kyrgystan is famous for cheap and best MBBS program around the world . And the universities are basically recognised by W.H.O, MCI and U.N.E.S.C.O. No entrance test is for MBBS in Kyrgystan. No donation for MBBS in Kyrgystan and the most best thing is here is only ten student allow in one class because of individual attention for every student. Every year more than 2000 international Students come here for MBBS program in Kyrgystan. All Universties has own Medical department and playground. And all the colleges has its hostel for male and female seprate. as it is female dominant country so, for female it is mostly safe.


  • MBBS in Kyrgystan degree is highly identically around the globe as they correspondingly follow US and European pattern for the program.
  • first in the matter of fact that complete English medium course , moreover no language barrier.
  • Its is favorite destination for stuents because of its living standard.
  • All the MBBS college in Kyrgystan are basically recognised by WHO, UNESCO, MCI.
  • IELTS and TOEFL is not meditary for admision in MBBS in Kyrgystan.
  • Indian food easily available, no donation, complete guarantee of visa.
  • Best MCI result.

MBBS in Armenia

The Armenia is now officially know as The Republic of Armenia is a sovereign MBBS in Abroaadlandlocked state in the south Caucasus region of Eurasia spread over an area of 29700 sq.kms. Armenia. formally maintains positive relations with almost every country in all over the world.
Armenia is a country with a knowlegde rich economy and is competitive wiitthin the European Research area with its level of basic and applied research.

Regarded, the MBBS and MD degrees awarded by the Medical universities in Armenia are valuable all over the world. MBBS in abroad course fees affordable for medical education as compared to other European nations. internationally recognized university covered under the most valuable E.C.T.S listed in W.H.O and specially graduate from the university of Armenia is eligible for USMLE. Armenia standard
of living infrastucture. And all university is C.I listed.


  • Averge MBBS fees is very affordable as compared to other countrries in Europe for international student its is approx 3000 – 5000 USD per year.
  • MBBS in Armenia considered in English language course for international students.
  • living cost in Armenia concidered less as compared to western and other countries, its is approX 100-150 USD per month.
  • Armenia universities has MBBS degrees duration is of 6 years and specially no IELTS / TOEFL required for MBBS in Armenia.
  • MBBS in Armenia having financial support by the education minister of Armenia up to 50% which make it cheaper with advance level.
  • Admission process for MBBS abroad in Arrmenia university is easy.

MBBS in Belarus

Belarus is a country in Europe which become independent in 1991 from the MBBS in AbroadRussia. Belarus, formally known as Belarussia or White Russia. It is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe and it is famous for Stalinist architecture, grand fortifications and primeval forests.

MBBS in Belarus each year more than 15,000 foriegn students , including Indian students. Belarusian universities are basically recognised internationally for the depth and quality of their courses. MBBS in Belarus education qualification is globally accepted. In the third year of MBBS in Belarus , aspirants study the clinical subjects like pharmacology and microbiology, pathological anatomy and many other clinical disciplines. MBBS in Belarus are basically povide special attention and care by the faculty as well as the local aspirant they understand the difficulty level that an international students face after moving in the foreign land. final years of MBBS in Berlarus training give to student focuses more on building the skills and knownledge.


  • Averge MBBS expenses is exceptionally reasonable when contrasted with different countrries in Europe for worldwide understudy its is approx 3000 – 5000 USD every year.
  • MBBS in Belarus considered in English dialect course for worldwide Student.
  • living expense in Belarus concidered less when contrasted with western and different nations, its is approx 100-150 USD every month.
  • Belarus colleges has MBBS degrees duration is of 6 years and uniquely no IELTS/TOEFL required for MBBS in Belarus.
  • MBBS in Belarus having budgetary help by the education minister of Belarus up to half which make it less expensive with propel level.
  • Affirmation process for MBBS in abroad in Belarus college is simple.

MBBS in Philippines

The Philippines is group of island , comprising more than 7000 island . MBBS in AbroadPhilippines is a Southeast Asian country in Western Pacific . Its hardly found better beaches in the world than Philippines.

For MBBS in abroad program of Philippines offers American system of medical education as well as the primary medical in MD degree . This qualification is basically recognised by worldwide and MCI. For the MBBS in abroad program Philippines is getting more popular . In the first place of reason is it an English speaking country , more than 95% of the people speak English. As matter of fact MBBS abroad program
MBBS in Philippines for Indian student at reasonable tution fees, no donation , MCI and WHO approved MBBS colleges. In same way IELTS/TOEFL not necessary.

It has option to start working on preparation for the USMLE. It is equally important ,outstanding boading and lodging offered by the university, individually hostel for both boys and girls . and as well as Asian country with close proximity to India.


  • Higher quality of education and training.
  • Secure and favorable atmosphere and an economical fee structure.
  • The literacy rate of the country is approximately 93%.
  • Extensive syllabus and curriculum identical as in India.
  • Great hands on practice experince and excellent student patient ratio.
  • Late night open libraries within campus as well as house Gym facilities.
  • Computer centres with Wi-fi hotspots within campus.

Admission Process 

Step-1: Fill online form  at www.becindia.org and pay initial documentation/ Registration  fees ( 25000INR ). Send your 10th, 11th and 12th mark sheet scanned copy, 12th schoool leaving certificate and passport copy by email : bissav.edu@gmail.com

Step-2: Once you complete step 1, you will get your admission letter within 2 working days of your application. Now, send your passport and all above mentioned documents (original)  at our Head office. Now invitation process started.

Step-3: you have to deposit second installment of your processing fees. Once you deposit the fees and send your passport, you will get visa as soon as possible based on embassy’s working days and process.

Step-4: Now you have your student visa, invitation letter issued by University, Admission letter by university. Now you are ready to fly to your dream university for your MBBS degree. We will let you know when other students are also ready and a group of student will fly from New Delhi to your destination country. We will inform you about your flight date.

Step-5:You need to deposit the remaining processing fees before 7 days of your flight to destination. Our consultant will go with you to the university and stay with you until classes will start.

Now you are a student of medical university in abroad so we wish you all the best for your study. Study hard and fulfill your dream to be a doctor and serve the society.  


 MBBS Admission in Abroad- Requirements

Necessary conditions:
• Completed intermediate education(12 years), equivalent to secondary education of the KR
• 50 % rating scores in Biology, Physics, Chemistry.
• Admission fee (is not returned on violation)
• Paying capacity
Necessary documents (originals):
• Certificate of completed intermediate education
• Passport with appropriate entry visa
• Medical reference – 086 form.
• Application form
• 10 photographs (3x4cm

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