Uzhgorod National University

Uzhgorod National Medical University


Medical faculty of Uzhhorod National University (UzhNU) – one of the largest faculties at the university – is crucial in development of the university as well as in health care in Zakarpatska oblast. Throughout its existence the faculty has graduated students 60 times and has trained over 7600 doctors who have been working not only in Ukraine but also in the countries near and far abroad.

The faculty has made solid gains in the professional training of its students in recent years. It has been caused by the opening of two new specialities. The specialty “Bachelor – General duty nurse” was opened in 2002 and the specialty “Pharmacy” – in 2004. The faculty graduated first bachelors in 2004. Period of study: for the specialty “Medical care” – 6 years, the admission license is for 200 students; for the specialty “Pharmacy” – 5 years, the admission license is for 50 students; for the specialty “Bachelor – General duty nurse” – 2 years, the admission license is for 50 students.

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More than 1000 students are studying at the faculty as for today. Highly qualified scholars and medical practitioners support the academic activities. There are 36 Doctors of Sciences, Professors; 85 Candidates of Sciences, Assistant Professors; 2 laureates of the state prize of Ukraine, 4 Academicians of the civic academies of sciences; 7 Honoured Doctors of Ukraine; 1 Honoured worker of education, science and technology of Ukraine; 1 Honoured educator of Ukraine; 2 Honoured research

workers of Ukraine; 7 members of the Training Councils for PhD and Doctorate defence. The students from the different regions of Ukraine as well as from foreign countries, such as Russia, Belorussia, Trans-Dniester, Turkmenistan and Hungary study at the faculty. Among the graduates of the faculty were the citizens of Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Lebanon, Syria and Guinea-Bissau.

The university facilities – are the main building, a numerous departments of the regional and city clinical hospitals, four policlinics and six dispensaries. All the district hospitals in Zakarpatska oblast which are multifaceted medical establishments are used for practical training.