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Founded in 1954, Altai State Medical University (ASMU) is one of the finest medical institutions of Russia. ASMU aims to provide a remarkable environment of learning to its students. With over 65 years of successful educational operation, ASMU holds a very prominent place in the medical field. Since its establishment, the university has graduated more than 30,000 medical students. The graduates from this university not only work in different parts of Russia but also in various countries globally. The faculties of the university are as follows:

  1. General Medicine Faculty
  2. Pharmaceutics Faculty
  3. Pediatrics Faculty
  4. Dentistry Faculty
  5. Nursing Faculty
  6. Stomatology Faculty
  7. Hygiene and Disease Prevention Faculty

There are about 5000 students studying at Altai State Medical University at present including more than 1000 international students. Importantly, more than half of the international students are from India. The university motivates its members as well as its students to think freely and share their opinions for the university’s betterment. Additionally, the department of educational and extracurricular activities coordinates and organizes social, cultural and sports events for the students.

Why choose Altai State Medical University?

  • 4icu ranks ASMU in its top 5000 world universities ranking.
  • Low student to teacher ratio helps the students to get personal attention which leads to better understanding.
  • Moreover, the graduates from this institution can practice anywhere in the world as ASMU provides a globally acclaimed degree.
  • Meanwhile, more than 90% of the doctors and medics in the Altai region are alumni of this university.
  • In fact, many scholars from this university are well-known professionals of their respective fields.
  • It should be noted that this institution has an impressive MCI (Medical Council of India) screening test success rate.
  • Unlike Indian medical universities, the academic fee for MBBS in this college is considerably low.
  • Along with the low-cost studies, the students can participate in several events organized by the college from time to time.
  • Also, they are provided with additional opportunities to showcase and enhance their skills.
  • On-field training starts from the 3rd year of the academics. Because of this, the candidates get great exposure to a real-time patient treatment experience.
  • ASMU has educational collaboration with many Asian countries (China, Mongolia, etc) too.
  • These educational collaborations are not only beneficial for the institution but also for its members and students.

Course Duration and Accreditations:

The course duration for MBBS and other specialist’s degrees in Altai State Medical University is 6 years (5 years of academic and 1-year internship). It takes 4 academic years to complete a bachelor’s degree from this institution. Likewise, a master's degree takes 2 years for completion and it takes 3 years for the doctor’s degree to complete. Apart from this, language preparatory courses take 1 year to complete.

The MBBS degree of ASMU is MCI (Medical Council of India) and WHO (World Health Organization) approved. Also, the university is recognized by the Education and Science Ministry of the Russian Federation. In addition to these, there are several other organizations which approve this college's degree.

Hostel and Mess Facilities:

There are 3 hostels of this medical institution which accommodate all its students. Besides, there is a separate hostel for foreign students. Separate floors for girls are available in all the hostels. All the hostels find their location in the centre of the city. As a result, the students find it easy to avail the transportation facilities. However, it hardly takes 10 minutes to reach the university from the hostels.

The students can choose from 3-5 bedded sharing rooms as per their preference and availability. The cost of accommodation is not at all high. In spite of the low cost, the facilities provided are of high standards. Apart from the basic amenities, facilities like gym, reading rooms, swimming pools, etc are also available. There are sports grounds on the hostel premises too.

It is compulsory for the 1st year hostel residents to pay for the mess facilities and have their meals there. The students can pay only for dinner or can choose to pay for three meals a day. From the second year, they can either opt for a mess or prepare their meals in the shared kitchens available. The students from India can enjoy Indian meals by opting for an Indian mess. Separate cooks from India prepare the meals here.

Altai State Medical Unversity Fee Structure

Tuition Fee in USD 4000 USD par year
Hostel Fee in USD 700 USD
Medical+Reg.+Visa Fee in USD 200 USD
Total in USD 4900 USD
Total in INR ( Rupees ) 3,43,000 INR


  • Note: Exchange Rate (USD 1 = 70 )
  • Mess Cost: 1200-1300$
  • Admission, Processing, Airticket,& Registration, Charges will be Extra.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the medium of teaching in Altai State Medical University?
Ans. The medium of teaching undergraduates in this college is English.

Q. Where is Altai State Medical University located?
Ans. ASMU is located in Barnaul, Russia.

Q. Is Altai State Medical University MCI approved?
Ans.Yes, ASMU is MCI approved.

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