Parents and medical aspirants often ask a question- Is MBBS Abroad under ₹10 lakhs possible? Different educational consultancies have different takes on this. There are medical universities abroad which offer MBBS specialisation in not exactly but around ₹10 lakhs. Some specific reasons have led Indian parents and medical students to opt for medical studies abroad. The first reason being the high competitiveness in the medical sector. And the second and the prime reason is affordability. Most of the Indian parents and students cannot afford high-cost studies. Because of this they either look for government medical universities in India or affordable and good colleges abroad. But, education of good quality is a bit pricey these days. Parents and students who are not completely aware start looking for MBBS abroad under ₹10 lakhs. But, due to some inaccurate information, they are often misled.

Most of the educational consultancies and agents misguide people into taking admission in low-grade universities for mere profits. The parents or students who often follow their indecorous guidance regret after the completion of the academics. Problems do not only arise with the quality of knowledge imparted but also with the expenditure. The educational consultancies who claim the existence of colleges abroad with MBBS fees less than ₹10 lakhs are entirely deceitful. These consultancies do not present the students with complete knowledge. They only share the tuition fees details with the students and convince them to take admission in low-grade universities. These universities are private and overpriced. It is possible that the tuition fees of these colleges might be low. But, the miscellaneous charges of these medical institutions are above par.



What people see and what they receive are completely two different things. Many consultancies and agents put forward the names of several universities and claim MBBS Abroad Under ₹10 lakhs. The parents and students fail to figure out the truth behind these faulty claims. No college or university in the entire world can bestow MBBS Abroad Under ₹10 lakhs. If an individual carries out proper research of the university, they will find the reality. It is possible that the tuition fee of these colleges is around ₹10 lakhs. But, this is also not guaranteed. The chances of an MBBS college having fees less than ₹10 lakhs is minimal. Even if a college somehow has its tuition fees around ₹10 lakhs, the miscellaneous charges would soar up the number.

The colleges or universities the consultancies suggest are mostly private and newly setup. These MBBS colleges do not provide quality education and clinical exposure a medical aspirant requires. Every parent and student should be cautious before selecting an MBBS college abroad. Blindly hunting for a university with less tuition fees may land them into an undesirable institution.

List of MBBS Universities With Less Fees

Here is the list of some good MBBS Universities Which have Low-Cost Tuition Fees Are Available.

College/University Tuition fee par year Total Fees in INR Mediam Of Education Country
Crimea State Medical University 250000 Ruble 1411200 lakh English


Astana Medical University 3200 USD 1120000 lakh English Kazakhstan
North Kazakhstan State University 3000 USD 1050000 lakh English Kazakhstan
St. Tereza Medical University 3000 USD 1050000 lakh English Armenia
West Kazakhstan State Medical University 3600 USD 1260000 lakh English Kazakhstan


  • Note: Exchange Rate (USD 1 = 70 )
  • Mess Cost: 1200-1300$/Y
  • Admission, Processing, Airticket,& Registration, Charges will be Extra.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Which Country Has Cheapest MBBS Program?
Ans. There are some Countries in Abroad like Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia, Where MBBS Program Is Available at Affordable Cost.

Q. Which University Is Providing Compleat MBBS Course Under 10 lakhs?
Ans. Dear Students, There Is no Any University In the World, Where Compleat MBBS Program is Available Under 10 lakhs. If anyone is telling you that they will provide MBBS Course Under 10 lakh Please make sure that They are trying to misguide you. For Compleat Information You can visit this Blog.

Q. Is there a Free MBBS Course Available in World?
Ans. Yes, In Germany Some Universities Have Providing Free MBBS Course. But Students Have To Qulifyrd Some Language Test And Entrance Exam Conducted by the university. For Complete Info, you can read my MBBS in Germany Blog.