MBBS in Ukraine

MBBS in Ukraine

MBBS in Ukraine

MBBS IN UKRAINE is the second largest country in Europe of desire and wants which is located in Northwest at end of Black sea. Although, Ukraine is in Eastern Europe and sharing its border with east of Russia, Northwest of Poland, west of Slovakia and Hungary, southwest and south of Romania. Hence, Ukraine is in 4th position in providing medical studies. Further, the most of the universities are government in Ukraine for the Indian and International students. Hence, MBBS IN UKRAINE are world’s recognised from WHO and UNESCO.


MBBS IN Ukraine is super incumbent in providing medical study for the students want to pursue MBBS IN ABROAD. Further, the Ukraine has good government universities and at very low price. Hence, the students who appear MBBS IN ABROAD from Ukraine( MBBS in Ukraine ) are liable to apply job in any part of the world.

Although, the duration for MBBS IN ABROAD from Ukraine is 5.8 years. In the view of, there is no donation required and entrance exam  for pursuing MBBS IN UKRAUNE. Further, the Ukraine is eager in providing the seminars, practical programs, improvement and development. Hence, government of Ukraine also helps in maintaining the education standard. Although, the infrastructure and the quality of education is very good. Hence, the universities in Ukraine are English medium and provide the many other activities.

Universities name for MBBS IN UKRAINE are given below:-

Name of the University Established in Annual Tuition Fees (INR).
Kharkiv National Medical University 1805 3,36,000₹/ Year
V N Karazin Kharkiv National Medical University 1804 3,36,000₹/ Year
Lviv National Medical University 1784 3,85,000₹/ Year
Uzhhorod National Medical University 1945 2,45,000₹/ Year
Kiev National Medical University 1992 3,29,000₹/ Year
Ternopil State Medical University 1957 2,87,000₹/ Year
Vinnitsa National Medical University 1921 2,87,000₹/ Year

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