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Study MBBS from China Consultants in Patna BiharCHINA is a country with vast population of 1.381 billion people. Further, China is located in East Asia and is the Second largest state in the world by land area. Hence, China is a nation of communist. Although, the landscape is very large with desert, grassland, mountains, lakes, rivers and 14500 km coastline. Further, China share its border with Bhutan, India, Nepal and Burma. The capital of China is Beijing and Shanghai- The is the largest city in the China. Further, China is a centre of globally finance country. Although, the purchasing power and the growth of economic is fast in China. Hence, China is known for a largest exporter and importer of goods and services in the world. Further, the China consist Second largest defence budget and worlds largest standing army.


If you are still seaching for a Best consultants in Patna Bihar for MBBS Admission in china? you are at the right place. Moreover, China is well developed and improved country for MBBS Abroad or MBBS in China. Further, the China has reached the international level in medical study. Hence, Every year a lot of student from all over the world come for MBBS in China. Although, the cost of study is very low cost in contradict to other countries. Hence, China leads the high respect of education. Further, there are 48 medical universities and are world recognised by MCI and WHO. Hence, the teaching language is English and internship is also offered, there is no donation and entrance exam is required The duration for MBBS IN CHINAis 6 years. MBBS IN CHINA is highly upgraded in providing quality of education with fascinated infrastructure and amazing facilities.

Colleges name for MBBS IN CHINA are given below:-

Universities1st Year2nd-6th Year CostFull Package ( INR )PCB (in 12th)
Guangxi Medical University41000 RMB41000 RMB246000 RMB
Guangzhou Medical University36000 RMB36000 RMB216000 RMB
China Medicai University47500 RMB47500 RMB285000 RMB80%
Shandong University52000 RMB52000 RMB312000 RMB70%
Dalian Medical University53000 RMB53000 RMB318000 RMB60%
Zhengzhou Medical University40500 RMB40500 RMB243000 RMB60%
Xuzhou Medical University36600 RMB36600 RMB219600 RMB80%
Anhui Medical University34000 RMB34000 RMB204000 RMB60%
Fujian Medical University39000 RMB39000 RMB234000 RMB
Jilin State Medical University38000 RMB38000 RMB228000 RMB70%
Kunming Medical University39000 RMB39000 RMB234000 RMB70%
Qingdao Medical University38000 RMB38000 RMB228000 RMB70%
Capital Medical University53000 RMB53000 RMB318000 RMB65%
Ningbo Medical University34000 RMB34000 RMB204000 RMB65%
Ningxia Medical University34800 RMB34800 RMB208800 RMB
North Sichuan Medical University38000 RMB38000 RMB228000 RMB60%
Note: Exchange Rate (USD 1 = 70 INR)


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