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Today, a large number of students opt to study from a foreign university. The number is increasing every year. Earlier, to reside and study in a foreign country was just a dream. With the evolution of the educational community, the dream of many students has come true. The students have discovered a sea of opportunities for their career development. The quality of education has advanced with time. Many globally acclaimed universities have not only raised their teaching standards but also managed their educational fees as per the affordability of the students. Though Bissav Overseas Education mainly deals in medical specialities, assistance for admission in other colleges can also be availed as per the student’s preference.

Various domains which the students can choose from as per their subject matter are as follows:

Medical Courses UG+PG

The competition for undergraduate and postgraduate medical courses in India is very high. With the changes and new rules incorporated in the medical industry, the students find it too difficult to get admission in medical institutions. Many countries like Russia, Ukraine, etc. are well known for providing high standard medical education. The medical aspirants can choose any reputed medical university from these countries and can practice medical science with successful completion of their academics.


Engineering is one of the most common choices for under graduation among Indian students. There are thousands of engineering colleges in India located in all the states. The problem is that not every engineering college provides the level of education the students require. Only a handful of them are known for bestowing high-quality education and the competition for their admission is quite high. Because of this, many Indian students move to foreign countries to study engineering courses.


Institutes that offer management courses in India are either too good or not at all up to the mark. The universities which are well-known for their education are not easy to enter. The exam for their entrance is highly competitive and only the best students are allotted seats in those universities. There are numerous management universities abroad which are highly regarded for their impeccable education environment. These universities provide several opportunities to the students who desire to excel in the management field.


We are very much aware of the advancements in the field of aeronautics. The demand for aviation specialists is increasing day by day. Due to this, the field of aviation has become a hot pick for individuals who wish to progress in this domain. There are many countries which are much more developed in the aviation sector than India. Aeronautical enthusiasts can choose to study in any one of these countries for their career development.

Language Courses

In today’s time, to be bilingual is an added advantage for an individual. Majority of people get themselves enrolled in various language courses. Apart from the English language, some of the famous ones are French, Spanish, German, Russian, etc. Manu universities abroad make it compulsory for the students to be proficient in their native language.

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