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Kazan State Medical Unversity, Russia

In the fields of Medicine, Kazan State Medical University is viewed as one of the most regarded Universities of Russia. With 200 years of involvement in therapeutic preparing, KSMU is reasonably a global University. Around 700 students from in excess of 57 nations around the globe think about here and half of them consider in English. In addition, we have a huge gathering of students from neighboring and remote areas of Russia. We are pleased that Kazan medicinal school is appealing for youngsters from various pieces of the world. That is the reason our need is backing and care for international students.


  • In excess of 5500 medicinal students, clinical occupants and assistants
  • 9 resources and 65 departments
  • Staff of more than 1500


For most students picking a college, it is the primary significant choice they make as grown-ups, and it is one that shapes and impacts both their present and future life.

In the event that you need to go to an outside college, you would turn out to be a piece of a minority. Anyway you would be allowed the chance to meet and warm up to different understudies from everywhere throughout the world - both neighborhood understudies and different individuals from the college's global populace. You will figure out how to manage clear difficulties, similar to language hindrances, and being a long way from home. Be that as it may, maybe you would gain most from the more nuanced parts of social contrasts - including scholarly ones just as social ones.

Picking one school to go to is a truly overwhelming choice for a couple. Among crowd schools wherever all through the world, understudies and gatekeepers alike stress over picking the right one. We present you the standard information about Kazan State Medical University and attestation for empower your choice.

Kazan State Medical Unversity
Kazan State Medical Unversity
Kazan State Medical Unversity

Why Kazan State Medical Unversity

  • KSMU is the third most prepared Medical University in Russia after Moscow and St. Petersburg.
  • Only college in Kazan which is seen by the Ministry of Healthcare and Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.
  • Government bolstered University.
  • Only school in Kazan, seen by the WHO, recorded in the World Directory of Medical Schools (AVICENNA Directory for Medicine).
  • Only school in Kazan, seen by ECFMG (USA).
  • Only school in Kazan, seen by driving helpful advisory groups viz. AMC, GMC, MCI, etc.


Kazan state Medical University has 6 inns for students. students are offered various types of rooms, which may vary in size. Principle speaking, a few understudies can share the room. Every one of the rooms are agreeable, completely outfitted and well-warmed. The rooms are furnished with the Internet get to, TV set and phone. Offices for students are composed on the sharing premise, these are: washrooms and kitchens. There are exceptional territories for students where they can mingle and meet new companions. Every one of the students' inns are under assurance of the police during 24 hours. Lodgings are in all respects firmly arranged to the University.

Qualification For Admission:

  • Minimum age to apply is 17 years and maximum 25 years by 31st December of the admission year.
  • Students must be qualifying their secondary education in Physics, Chemistry and Biology with minimum 50% marks in general. 40% marks for SC/ST/OBC.
  • Students must have qualified NEET

Confirmation is on first come first reason, or, as it were in Europe. If Class 12 results are NOT DECLARED, students can apply for Admission and s/he will be issued Admission letter - with the game plan that they will satisfy the capability principles given above and a while later they will be admitted to the program. There is No Entrance Examination. Affirmation is on a "Rolling" or "First begin things out surrender premise" - this is the standard in Russia. Applications are recognized till seats are available. The people who apply EARLY stand the most clear open door concerning certification.

Kazan State Medical Unversity Fee Structure 2021

Year 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year 6th Year
Tuition Fee in USD 5283 USD 5283 USD 5283 USD 5283 USD 5283 USD 5283 USD
Hostel Fee in USD 1200 USD Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Medical Insurance Fee in USD 150-200 USD 150-200 USD 150-200 USD 150-200 USD 150-200 USD 150-200 USD
Total in USD 6663 USD 5483 USD 5483 USD 5483 USD 5483 USD 5483 USD
Total in INR ( Rupees ) 4,66,410 INR 3,83,810 INR 3,83,810 INR 3,83,810 INR 3,83,810 INR 3,83,810 INR
Note: Exchange Rate (USD 1 = 70 INR)


  • Mess Cost: 120-130$/ month.
  • One time Charge, Processing & Airticket Charges will be Extra.
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