Kazan State Medical University

Kazan State Medical University

Kazan State Medical University is a multi-faceted and multi-level state institute of higher education in medicine. It caters both the personal and social needs in the field of medical education, developing biomedical and clinical sciences as well as broadening the scientific knowledge of medical science. Kazan State Medical University (KSMU) works on the basis of self-government and deals with the system of higher education and scientific research of Russia's Ministry of Health. Kazan State Medical University is located in the center of Kazan. The University offers many services to facilitate learning process. For example, Kazan State Medical University has tied-up with 54 medical institutions to provide clinical training to the students of Medical Pediatric and Dental Faculty. Students get the opportunity to get training in 20 polyclinics including maternity homes, out-patient units, hospitals, and dental.

Kazan State Medical University- Student Life

Kazan State Medical University gives a lot of attention to the lives of students. The University organizes athletic programs for students. During the holidays, students are given a discount in the camp "medicine", which is located in the forest on the banks of the river Valga. Year-round Recreation Program includes football, tennis, basketball, summer swimming, and winter skiing and skating.

There are 6 hostels for students who are near the university. The hostels are under the protection of police department. There are different types of rooms which are different in size. 2-3 students can comfortably share a room. Rooms are fully furnished and well-heated. The hostel's room has an internet access, a television and a telephone for students. Bathrooms and kitchens are provided on the basis of sharing. There is a special area for students where they can socialize and meet new friends.

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